Using Feng Shui Color To Energize Your Prosperity!

May 19, 2017 | Prosperity

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While you can spin in circles follwing the many outdated “rules” of feng shui, there are core principles that are resounding and hold strong.

Color is a big one.

While since the creation of the context of feng shui there has been a massive evolution in color psychology amd scientific testing and other modalities of working with color to make life changes, at it’s most basic… color is energy.

Money is energy, too.

So is creative inspiration.

So is your home, your clothes, your bank accounts, your phone… it’s all energy.

If you want to adjust the energy of your space, color is a quick shift that can make things pop to life!!!

Prosperous color switches are always very personal when we’re talking about your whole home, but today, I want to look to the smaller and more deliberate changes you can make.

Fire tones are on my mind, as they are the engine of motivation, the spark to carry things through to completion and the excitement and attention-getting….

Magenta.  I can say so much about this color since it’s not a real color… it’s what our brain sees between blue and red and thus, it’s somewhat a fantasy in itself!  Magenta is an awesome color for lists, to wear for big meetings and to spash in creative areas of your home where you dream up ideas and make plans…!

Purple.  It’s the classic feng shui color of the “Money Area” (far left of a room from the entrance door) of the home according to feng shui.

Purple is also meditative, it’s thought to expand your radiant energy and it’s a very high frequency… all wonderful for relaxation areas, mediation rooms, yoga clothes and mats… I love amethyst crystals- the ultimate in high energy violets hues- to energize every room with some purple power…!  You can even add amethyst stones to soak in your bath!

And… Red.  You simply can’t beat red in classic feng shui, and modern psychology… It’s the most motivating, most eye-catching and the most alluring color.  It makes us happier when we need a bust of energy and it’s deeply motivating.  Plus, it’s applications are deeply mixed in with making money.

Red doors are a big feng shui “look” for a magnetic home.  Wear red to be filled with extra magnetism.  Red pens are great for important notes.  Red is awesome for plant pots…! Red is also, and not surprising, a color of passion!!!

And… this is one of the more fun ways to use a flash of color to add energy to all of your exchanges of money and well-wishes!

Red Envelopes are a classic… and they are really fun to use to give money to others and to receive it, too, passing the good vibes around with high energy!

Add lots of color to your life that sings with the type of energy that looks and feels like abundance.  That energy will magnetize more of the same to itself in super-prosperous ways!!!



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