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May 25, 2017 | Prosperity

Motivation.  If you were raised like me you might have had that word tossed around as the hard-won “essence” of people who “succeed.” It was not a pretty word.  A sense of sacrifice and almost manical pressure was always mixed in.

Today’s feng shui is all about re-defining motivation.  It’s also about getting into the swing of an exciting kind of motivation that builds momentum in awesome ways! 


(dominique bagnoche)

What do you recognize as motivation? 

Where have you learned about the idea of motivation and how to get motivated?

The above simple chart is something beautifully simple and yet… is this how you think of motivation?

Now I do think more of the above … but that took a while to happen.

I learned about motivation as a child. Many of us have done the same, learnng in school, from parents, from TV…

My Dad was big on motivational speakers because I think he believed, if left to his own devices, he’d mess up anything he touched.  He didn’t need motivation because he had plenty — he needed structure and some life purification and self-forgiveness- but he thought motivation was his salvation.   Motivational coaches in the 1980’s were sort of the trailblazers in designing lifestyle deliberately… yet the word motivation (and the word lifestyle!) got mixed in with things I heard on these cassette tapes as a child- greed or “winning” instead of a balanced sense of wealth, hyper-energy (to a point where it was somewhat unnerving), “laser focus” on money or property or anything to the exclusion of all else… and then, there was this idea of pushing yourself over the edge to a “peak state.”

Have you picked up on this idea of motivation?! 

I knew something was wrong with this idea of motivation that was being packaged and promoted.  It showered praise on a certain kind of suffering and disconnection from the greatness in every day.  It took everything to an extreme. It was painfully rigorous.  But, if you are 12 (or 20, or 50, or 70 or any age)  and you want to escape the circumstances you were born into or created for yourself, when you hear someone laying out a blueprint for success that involves anything that creates a positive product, even if it’s super-extreme- you may just go for it.

I “motivated” myself into a decade of anorexia, into a perfectionist habit field, into a near breakdown and into a whole load of imbalanced extremes while I saw “success” coming to me academically and even financially as a child and a young adult.  Finally, when I decided to heal myself,  I thought I needed to give up on all the work, on all the striving and pretty much reject anything to do with achievement.  I did become healthier physically… but I also became super-poor, totally lost at sea without a purpose and in a rut I couldn’t reconcile.

If you’ve been burned out by the force-driven ideas of motivation or have rejected the idea of falling in love with your creative purpose because of all the “sacrifices” you think you need to make… this in itself can be a huge creative block, a big block to whatever kind of success you are looking to create and a stop to so many steps forward.

What if motivation were something natural?  It is!  It totally can be… and it can be super-exciting.  

Write your own definition of motivation.  Literally, write it, read it, and enjoy it.

What would it feel like for you to be super-magnetized and thrilled to move forward on the things you love and want… even if you had to do some stuff for a while that you aren’t thrilled about in the process… but… you had a super-big purpose that is driving you? What would make every day more and more exciting and full of more passion on your own terms, in your own ways?

Live that more every day- literally, feeling purpose every day…!

What if your whole life were balanced and you could still be living your dreams?  It can be! All you need to do is choose more of that every day.  But, also… there’s something amazing in feng shui that makes this more powerful: in feng shui, it’s very clear that every single part of a home affects another… and, on this note, every aspect of your life affects every other aspect of your life.  If you feel guilty taking time to care for your whole life (not just a piece of it…) you might find some solace in the fact that your balanced life is far more “motivating” naturally than a life of deep sacrifice.


Do you see what you love all around you while you go through your day?  When you see what you love everywhere around you… that is inspiring, and inspiration is a really motivating.  Naturally motivating!!!  I know this sounds easy… but it really works!

Keep your personal energy super-strong! 

And… one more feng shui piece of wisdom: clear space brings more motivation.  That clear space includes clear space in your day to breathe, to take care of yourself and fill yourself up instead of dragging yourself down.

If you’ve been forcing yourself to be “motivated” this might be a totally weird idea that you can be motivated by inspiration rather than living each day rolling a boulder up a hill to get through it all.  You might find you work so much more and don’t even realize it, and you ge tso much more done.  Chances are you’ll feel more relaxed…

And, like all awesome changes, it starts when you decide.  And, it builds, step-by-step, more momentum gained as you feel better and better!

I’m wishing you so much more happiness, passion and balance while you live your dreams!!!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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