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May 26, 2017 | Creativity


We all know that a positive mind = a positive life.

But… there’s a whole lot of value in being able to confront all our stuff. Especially the less than helpful stuff that can linger like clutter in a closet, mucking up life.

I know it can be hard to see this stuff. Really hard. It’s especially hard when maybe you believe “you should know better” or “how could you be so blind to the facts?” or any number of recriminations you can cast upon yourself when your judgment isn’t 100% awesome, or your day didn’t go as planned or you made a big mistake.

What would happen if, instead, you got excited when you had this kind of thing happen?

What would it look like if you sought out those demons and blindspots and embraced them, maybe even accepting them and not even thinking of changing them? What if you sort of accepted that it’s all ok, even the bad days?

In feng shui, the real transformational stuff is really hard to get to when you have clutter and chaos in the way.  You can layer on the sage wands and crystals, but if you’re forcing a positive veneer over a whole lot of clutter, it’s not productive.  It’s sort of like slapping on a smile and painfully marching through the day when eventually you will need to cry and when you do you’ll wish you did it earlier because the day wasn’t working until you finally let it go.

Clearing what’s been stuck means confronting it.

And that’s where people may say “oh that’s so negative to talk about negative things, I can only talk about positive things…” or ” you should just think about something happy.”

While switching from a negative to a postive thought can turn a day brighter much more quickly, sometimes you need that dark stuff to come to light.

In the spirit of super-positive living, let everything, including the dark and negative, co-exist.  Let it all be.

You might just accept that sometimes you have an off day and that’s ok. 

You might recognize things that deserve your attention to heal. 

You might realize things are better than you thought they were. 

It’s so great to have awareness, a road to positive change and more self-love and way more connection with the world around us …!

xoxo Dana

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