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May 28, 2017 | Prosperity

Not a typo.  Wellth.  It’s the name of my dear friend Jason Wachob’s book about his journey in wellness and business all the way through to founding and building of Mind Body Green.  It’s also the theme of the year for the City of Beverly Hills – the City of Wellth- a campaign I’m super-honored to be a part of with old and new friends.

It’s been such a wild time that I haven’t been able to fully share this event with you and what I have learned that’s shining a light on my own habits.  Taking new vitamins, bed much earlier, foam rolling… longer breaks… more fun… more friends… more love…

And things are feeling better than ever!

There’s always room for more wellth.

First, what is Wellth? 

I love it.  I talk about it alot.  And if you’ve never heard the term before it’s basically:

Wellness + Wealth.

One without the other is not a fully abundant picture.  No one wants to be sick even if they’re rich, and it’s not really desirable to be physically healthy and live in poverty.

How many times have you heard the tale of someone sick willing to give away all their money for their health restored?

You don’t need to give away your money for health and you don’t need to sacrifice your health in the pursuit of wealth.

These are old paradigms I used to believe.  Changing them has been a matter of changing my priorities, being patient with myself, and learning how to revive myself if I’ve gone too far in one direction…

You won’t know if a new way of working actually works unless you give it a try… or you’re forced to give it a try! 

Feeling better is the road to real prosperity.  I never thought this was possible or even entertained something like this as possible until I was forced to give it a try.

I actually believed that I had to be pushed to all-nighter type pain over the edge of reason in order to expand my prosperity.

As the story goes, I found wellness through illness, and I also found my path to real wealth in that journey.

Getting one’s ass kicked by life does not need to be the path to wealth or wellth or wellness, but it’s not uncommon.

I hope it does become uncommon in the future, because it’s the hardest road to a lesson.

Today’s habit of prosperity is all about expanding wellth. Specifically: learning to rejuvenate in ways that work for you.

Restoring your energy is a daily contribution into your savings account of Wellth.

It was a revealing event to kick off The City of Wellth theme: amazing to hear Charlie Knoles talk about the adventure of meditation since he was 4 years old, awe-inspiring to see James Duigan recount his gratitude from rising out of very hard times and poverty to create Bodyism in the UK and now the US.  It was amazing to hear everyone speak about wellness, wellth and what matters most– the love of life that we are all so universally grateful to experience when it’s in full bloom.  It was after Christie Brinkley spoke just a few feet away from me – incredibly vibrant, ultra-gorgeous and a lover of exercise, eating plants and making life into art- that any part of me that doubted wellth was the real wealth went out the door!

I was honored and thrilled to represent the pilar of Wellth named Restore;  it’s what I value the most in every day.  A much as I’ve tried, I know we can’t live in bubbles where weirdness and wild things don’t occur, we can’t shut off all of life unless things are rainbows and unicorns… so… in the course of every day we pick up and expend and experience a wide spectrum of life.

In restorative time, we gather back all our energy. In restorative time- a masage, a bath- we see give ourselves time to release what we don’t need.  In restorative time of meditation or prayer or yoga or exercise we can get more insight and learn more lessons and drop the judgements.

Skip that restorative time and every day – even the great ones- become a bit of a drain then a bit more of a drain until we feel more empty than we should.

It’s my belief that we don’t need to whip ourseves up into a coffee-fueled or otherwise unnatural frenzy daily in order to be productive, but, rather, focus on really revitalizing our natural energy patterns.

Daily restoration is a path to more wellness and more wealth.

When you have more grounded energy, you will feel more in tune with your intuition.

Sleep helps us process data faster, feel better, it quells inflammation in the body and boosts the immune system.  

Nutrition can help balance our hormones which are thrown off by stresses both physical and mental.  

A positive environment raises our whole life higher, providing positive feedback everywhere we look!

Restoring ourselves is, ideally, a daily habit. Amazing nutrition which can be simple and inexpensive, sleep as much as possible and as deeply as possible, a sanctuary at home no mater how big or how fancy it is, incredible energy all around us…

I know. You still might need to work hard or long hours right now. Extra hours of sleep won’t directly put money into your bank account the next day, it’s true.

But, with more restorative energy in your life, every day is more fulfilling and easier and maybe things move even faster. And… restoring your energy makes that hard work sustainable.

Plus, the more full and vibrant you feel, the more you’ll be able to create new solutions and find new ways to prosper.

This I’ve seen hundreds of times so I know it can’t be an accident!

Restore your energy.  Believe in a big picture where you can be healthy and wealthy. Give a little more balance a try.  See what happens of you get a bit more sleep.  Drink that wild wellness tonic or take that candelight yoga class.  Small shifts can open the doors to a world of great wellness + much more wealth.




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