Gorgeous Prosperity Smudge Sticks To Amplify Your Creative Genius!

Jun 3, 2017 | Prosperity


Abundance is something we create. Luck is something we make. And it can be beautiful and fun to create rituals to make more of both!

To create a more creative & prosperous life, you’ll want to be in as creative and prosperous an environment as possible!

Smudging is fairly common these days. Burning a sage wand to clear the air of bad juju is nothing new. Sage, though, is not for everyone, it’s not available easily everywhere, and it’s not the “only” herb you can smudge.

Roses- create more mindful peace
Lavender- open-hearted vibes, cleansed of negativity
Rosemary- the fresh start herb of creative awakening and purified spaces

Roll up your own gorgeously creatively prosperous smudge sticks and let the good vibes and beauty flow and they smolder and smudge your space!

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xoxo Dana


feng shui 101

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