Burning Resins For Space-Brightening Abundance!

Jun 7, 2017 | Prosperity

(this resin burning starter kit from Etsy is super-cute)

Stress is the opposite of abundance.

Lightening up your environment and deliberately shifting away from stress and toward more solutions, actions, happiness and bright moods IS the direction of abundance.

While burning resins won’t solve your financial issues instantly or put dollars directly into your bank account (!!!) what these resins- frankincence and myrrh specifically- do is to fill the air with mood-lifting smoke. They may even be antibacterial as some studies suggest. They’re also sitmulating to the lower chakras like the root energy center at the base of your spine which promotes grounded, stable abundance.

You can learn more of the benefits HERE. 

The ritual of clearing a space (and even symbolically clearing some objects) in the bright-mood-promoting smoke of frankincense and myrrh is a fun, symbolic way to create a fresh start to begin looking at your money behaviors from a fresh perspective.

Here’s to a great-vibe home & lots of abundance!

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xoxo Dana


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