Make Today Day One!

Jun 9, 2017 | Creativity

Have you been waiting for “one day” when you can start exercising, sleep more, move, explore, love more deeply, make more money…?

I get that we can’t tackle every single thing we dream of doing in one fell swoop, but, if there’s something that you’d like to master… and you’re waiting to beginwell…

Can today be Day ONE?

Instead of waiting for “one day…” to begin, that idylic day with the right astrology, the perfect hair, the the sun shining just right, the psychic prediction lining up, the five other things you’ve achieved first that are out of your hands like meeting your soulmate (it happens when it happens!) or winning the lotto (it can be a wait…!)…

I hope you start now.

Mastering things takes something that some modern self-help likes to explain away as unnecessary:


Practice, practice, more practice, more time practicing, still more time, and more time… and did I mention that practice is never ending?

So, if you want to master anything, the longer you wait, the longer you put off the practices, the longer you stall the process.

I know you may be waiting because you’re learning to do it all faster.

Start anyway.  Fast ways aren’t really any of the best ways I’ve observed.

I know this is non-romantic and non-magical-sounding, but I promise that if you start practicing even a few minutes every day of what you love… and if you miss actual practice, mentally practice as you fall asleep (it works!!!)… you’ll see something awesome happen.

You will get better.

And… you might even get a lot better.

And you also might hit a wall, and realize you need to learn more or get a coach or take some classes.

Then, the next breakthroughs come.

Pretty simple to say until you start doing it, because practice asks you to push your limits, repeat often, expand into new territory and maybe even flail around for a while.

I hope you try it.

It’s actually the most practical magic.


Today, instead of waiting for One Day… let today be Day One!

xoxo Dana

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