8 Ways To Take The Path Of Least Resistance & Prosper!!!

Jun 11, 2017 | Creativity

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There are so many lessons I learn and ideas to experiment with… but the core “good idea” that’s become a big part of my life in the last five years for the better of almost everything is “the path of least resistance.”

I hated that phrase. I thought it meant both 1. taking the easy way out and 2. settling for whatever you can get.

I was wrong, or, better said, I have a less distorted perspective now that I have actually gotten used to this as the aim.

The path with the least forcing, confusion, needless complication— that’s my own “zone” where life comes together.

I see a lot of shortcuts that are possible every day. I am sure you’ve been hit with marketing slogans that promise that you can speed up any process… but… not all processes are meant to be the fastest way, you know?

If things feel weird, wrong, puzzling or not exciting… this is what I’ve come to see as a path full of mis-alignment with my truth. Even if it’s meant to be a shortcut, if it feels wrong, it is wrong.

Also, paths of least resistance are not “settling for what you can get.”

Rather, my way of “least resistance” is working toward what really opens up the roads to plenty. It’s elevation out of the swampy areas of anger and competition and worry and stresses and into courageous, creative and connected living.

Today I thought it would be cool on reflection to share some of the ways I’ve been personally helped (and greatly elevated) by staying on this path more and more…!

1. Banish sleeplessness.  I only let myself get one-extra-tea deep in sleeplessness on an average day. I need a lot of sleep, and if I get and hour pr two less… and it starts to hit me during the day… I will only “push through” with an extra cup of tea. That tea may help me get through a call or a meeting… and then, it’s nap time. When I had a day-job atop it all, I would nap in my car in the open garage of my office building!

2. Stop striving through bad vibes. If I get a bad feeling, I truly let go of a project. I know, that may sound ridiculous, but when I get a bad feeling, I just can’t push myself for the sake of maybe making money or getting some sort of acclaim. I’m very sure I have seemingly lost money for this reason, but… in the past, when I’ve pushed through the bad vibes, the money I’ve made would be lost in some other expense or drama that messed up better opportunities.

3. No one has all the answers. If you need advise, ask friends you trust, mentors, experts… but if you come across people who seem to know it all… they are the ones that tend to lead people down very bad paths. Many “healers” I have met have this affliction and it creates a whole lot of turmoil to be around this energy that disconnects you from your intuition.

4. Worry will drag you down. To worry briefly is totally human. To worry as a habit is the stuff that starts the negative outcomes swirling. HERE is my favorite feng shui’d worry antidote! :

5. Get excited about your vision of the future. When I have a super-high aim, I am pretty much unstoppable. If I have a cap on my expectations of what’s possible or I’m striving to get by, I deteriorate creatively in a huge down-spiral. Aim up, up, up high!

6. It’s ok to work super-vigorously, as long as it doesn’t feel like prolonged stress. Yes it is. I don’t care what gurus say about instant things arriving and work a few hours a week and etc, etc, etc. Things happen very instantly in my life when I’m flowing in creative energy and really productive and making things and paying attention and doing the work all the time. Yes, breaks, vacations, days off… all of it… it’s all vital. But I find less resistance in MOTION than I do in standing still and idly visualizing and vibrating and whatever else is said!!!

7. Let things go. The heavy things. That includes heavy ideas. 

8. Flood your environment with good vibes! Burn that sage, shake up the stuckness and open doors to the new.

Elevate your space, stay in brighter thoughts and clear the road to access more of the path where things flow freely!!!

xoxo Dana

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