Feng Shui To Wake Up The Energy Of Your Abundance!

Jun 12, 2017 | Feng Shui 101


If you’re not used to feeling like life is unlimited and riches are pouring in and you are always supported by your actions and energy… well… you are not alone!

Nearly everyone would love to be in this zone of magic, and while it’s not a perfect Nirvana even when you’re in it, there are some people who are seemingly much more in the flow of wealth than others.  The people with a Midas Touch.  The people who always seem to come through things shining…and prospering.

I know these people, I bet you know them, too.  You may even be one of those people but want to take that prosperity to the next level…

It’s a commonly spread idea that manifesting money is sort of this perfection of wish-craft where a perfect vibration of energy achieved through semi-metaphysical means will fill your bank account with money, or get you the job or anything else.

And it does work.  But it’s not the full picture! If it was, we’d all be high-vibe billionaires!!!

I love and support all the high-vibe living (it’s the foundation of all that I do!) but… simply visualizing and living with high vibes is not reliable as your only way to create a prosperous life, it’s sort of unsustainable and I’ve found when I teach the Cash Camp each year that it leads to people becoming paranoid that if they have a bad day or multiple bad days (or a season) or feel challenged and aren’t “vibing high enough” that they’re going to lose their money or it will stop coming.

It’s a whole lot of fear and complication.

As much as I live a lot of the time in rainbows, glitter and unicorns, and I love every minute of it, it’s all the feelings and life experience that create richness and a deep, profound experience of life.

So, today, let’s look at some simple ways to wake up your abundant energy that are more sustainable, more complete and way more empowering!!!

1. Keep going no matter what. Yep, it’s easy. Keep showing up and doing the work.  Consistent people have a better track record of prosperity than people who only try for short bursts of time when they’re feeling inspired and then retreat to find more inspiration.  A whole lot of successful artists I know have a practice where they are in the studio daily.  Sometimes the studio only gets cleaned and no art is made.  Sometimes the art isn’t that great in their estimation.  But that electricity that leads to the awesome art comes from always showing up and moving forward.

2. If you shoot one bad hole, or many, you can come back from it. That’s the life lesson from my dear friend’s gold champ daughter who is a junior player learning not to get too upset when one hole of the golf game is a really bad hole.

It’s tempting to freak out if you’ve failed at a presentation, if you had a bad season, a less-than-awesome performance… but if you let that bad experience become bigger by obsessing over it, it creates more tension, more “off” performances and more shaky outcomes and… more bad holes!

Try some deep breaths, a fresh focus and get back to being better than ever after the lessons you’ve learned… and that gold game may just wind up incredible!

The same goes for all things.  An off day or project does not equal an “off” life!

3. Foundations are everything. In all things, foundations need to be sturdy.  A clean and clear home is the foundation for a settled life at home.  This idea also applies to relationships, finances… pretty much everything.  Learn to start with a solid foundation and lots of order and calm and you can build amazing things with far more ease!

4. Yes, high vibes + uplifted moods are a big part of this, but this applies to the energy and feeings all around you in your environment, not just a mental or energetic state of being. It’s hard to feel prosperous sitting in a giant mess at home, you know?!  Here’s more on how your home affects and reflects your abundance!!!

5. You are so powerful, your intention is a big deal. Your intention is so so so powerful that it can move mountains.  You may not be able to control every mood and emotion (nor should you try!), you can absolutely direct your attention toward what you want no matter what is happening.  (See #1!)

I know this is just a cursory look at how to start opening up to more abundance, but even one idea that clicks can shift you into a more resilient, abundant state of mind!

xoxo Dana

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