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Jun 12, 2017 | Creativity

I came across this awesome little list from The Truth Practice and light bulbs went off that said: share this now!

You know by now I don’t think the Law of Attraction is everything. It’s not the complete path to success.  If it were, many more people would be billionaires and low-vibe billionaires wouldn’t exist, you know?

But, it’s certainly very real and very awesome and, scientifically, there’s a lot to verify this idea that when you are feeling great, better things will happen.

When I feel good I can work much less and excel just as much as when I don’t feel great and work much much more.

I can still do plenty while not having the greatest day, and so can you… but it’s way way easier as a life strategy to actually feel much better and let that be the foundation of all things.

So, if you’ve been in a bad mood today, give yourself a good mood break!

Meditate, walk, nap, stretch… then head back to a fresh start.

But… more specifically, I was very moved by #5 on the list- “It isn’t possible to purely desire something while feeling bad, fearful or doubtful about it.” 

That’s a big lesson I learned the hard way.

Living in a space of fearful + doubtful… it’s like cancelling out all your creativity and limiting your life.

Story time, friends!

I have been blessed with such a trajectory of growth in making my dreams come true for years now… a steady and increasingly more and more awesome trajectory.

I never ever doubted myself in this way; when it came to my work, I built such a solid foundation over a decade that I came to trust myself and my success applying what I know with confidence.  I’m not perfect, but I’m very very competent!

Sure, I doubted whether one project or another would come to fruition, if one thing or another would be bigger or more long lasting, I still freak out for moments before certain events… but there was no fear or doubt that pervaded my days.

I think that we all create our own luck because I know that I have created my own luck. And I still do. No one had any influence over my creative domain, unless I specifically asked for feedback.

Every day things were better and better.

Then, a funny thing happened.

I inadvertantly almost destroyed everything I’d built by letting doubt and fear (and actual evil, perhaps!) in the door.

I met someone who presented themselves as an energy healer and presented all these ways to clear my energy to “supercharge” my work.  I didn’t have a problem with my work, I love what I do, you all seem to have lots of success making it your own… but if this “energy blast” would make me more able to serve people, I was open to see.

Instead, the slow degradation was insidious.  I would get these drips of feedback … I’d get unsolicited messages about “this negative energy” hovering around me or “this block in my life,” that I never had before, or “this energy patterning, blah blah blah…”

Looking back, I should have responded to the first comment and ended all this type of communication at the get-go.

But, what’s so weird is that when I was told these interjected commentaries, it flipped a switch in my mind where I became hyper-vigilant.  I didn’t believe what I was being told, but I started to look out for the dips, the dives, the losses and the possible blocks so I could avoid them.

It became a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Look for the bad and you will see tons of it.

I let this linger on the sidelines of my life for a few months and suddenly EVERYTHING became so hard to do and so frought with confusion I was tempted to walk away from everything I loved.

My magic was momentarily gone.  This insidious evil that I allowed into my space siphoned the life force out of my work, my spirit, my creative energy, confidence, vibrance…

So, in the cloud of not realizing what was happening, I decided to sit down and write out what I wanted.

Try it.

Don’t hold back.

Write out everything you want. 

Beside each one, write why you want it.  

Now, ask yourself if you feel confident you can achieve each one.

If not, why not? What’s stopping you?  Is there anyone telling you that you can’t have it?

It’s so simple and so revealing. It’s the easiest guide to finding what’s wrong and clearing the path for more of what’s right!

I did this and saw that opening the door for this particular “energy work” was against everything I wanted, everything I stand for and everything I believe.  Even allowing that negative, limiting, destructive feedback into my space was so so so against my principles. I realized that I wanted to build things in a tactile way, and that I always have…. and I never wanted to have anyone associated with me who sold “shortcuts”… especially negatively-infused, deceptive shortcuts that lead to a very dark place.

It’s not easy to break me or trick me but I did go down a very wrong path in this situation. Thankfully a short path and a lesson was fully and completely learned.

Buddhism – along with many life philosophies- teaches that life is unlimited.  I can stand behind that.

Anyone who casts big doubt on what’s possible- whether its a healer, a friend, a family member, intuitive or total stranger— they can open the doors for you to believe in limitations. But… you don’t need to walk through that door!

Keep your distance from those limitations (and the limiters!). You may want to avoid talking about important personal topics to people who may squash your excitement and take the wind out of your sails.

Trust yourself to navigate the unlimited playing field of life and find magic in every day; stick close to the people who share the unlimited views of things that are inspiring.

If something, someone, a group or anything, really, makes you feel doubt in your dreams or brings fears to your days, keep your comfortable distance, shake it off, believe in your exciting dreams and keep on creating!!!

xoxo Dana

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