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Jun 13, 2017 | Creativity

Hot pink houses.  That’s a creative catalyst for me!

The energy of creativity brings life to life. Quite literally, it’s the energy- or chi- that flows through our bodies that is our glow and electricity.

In an acupuncture session you can balance that energy physically. With feng shui you can balance that energy in your space.  In your lifestyle, you can balance that energy with actions that make you glow.

When empower this flow of energy in your whole life and expand your container of energy to hold more brilliance and more fresh ideas, you become a magnet for all kinds of greatness! 

This is my favorite kind of day. After randomly deciding through a series of fun and inspired events that this morning I would visit a hot pink house complex (sadly it was all painted before being demolished to build condos, not my favorite reason for a magenta house… but still to be adored for the moment of bliss) with a dear friend before jumping into the day, I got the very best idea of my entire year in clear focus.  My energy is through the roof.  I feel rainbows swirling around my head… and I am so so so thrilled for everything…

So, if you don’t live by a pink house complex or rainbow walls… or anything of this kind of quirk and surprise right now… or if that isn’t quite your thing… how do you generate more of the:






Spectacularly cool, right?!

Here are a few feng shui’d ideas to jump start your creative engines when you’re feeling like you need a boost or a rut to be busted open, or a new path to clear… or just want to feel more glowing + great!

Connect to your environment.  If you don’t love your home right now, find something to fall in love with in your environment to start.  I used to be so in love with the MET (and still am) in NYC that I would hop on the bus down the block from my house and walk up 5th Avenue as a kid (I was about 14 at the time I started doing this!) and made that expanded universe a part of my life. If you have an art gallery or architecture or a forest or beach or park that you can make your sacred space while you evolve your home into a space you adore… make that happen!

Stay spontaneous.  Ritual is empowering, but routine is robotic. How can you bust out of the robotic aspects of life that can happen to all of us? Say YES to an adventure.  Plan a day trip.  Take a day off to lay in the sun and write in a journal.  Head out to the movies tonight or head out on a long and unplanned walk.  Leave some space in the day for more of the unimaginably cool to find its way into evey day.

Tap your talents.  YES, you have talents.  If you aren’t sure what they are because you’ve had life present other priorities, I am certain that some dear friends can remind you.  Think of what you were so good at as a child, things maybe that got shelved long ago.  Bring them to life, even in small ways to start.  An acting class on the weekends, a writing workshop or a journalling practice, joining Toastmasters to practice your public speaking… photos with your iPhone… you get what I’m saying: there is a way to bring these talents into a space where they can ignite again.

Forget about should.  You should not do anything.  You choose.  Of course, we know to comply with laws and follow social order, but then… there’s all the rest of life that is a great big canvas.  Why should you not wake up earlier or invest in your wellbeing? Who says? Why not?

Challenging assumptions of how things “should” be is a thrilling feeling.  I “should have been” working instead of spending an hour playing around in a pink housing complex artwork, but really, that would have been a great misfortune for all the greatness that hour brought me.

Now… enjoy!!!  The more you can expand your creative lifestyle on the outside of your home, the more you’ll have fresh eyes to start reshaping your home to make your dreams come true!!!

That is feng shui’s practical magic.  That is where I have seen lives turn from routine to endless possibility, from fear to flow, from unemployed to dream jobs, from debt to prosperity and from loneliness to love and joy everywhere… and because I see it every day, I am even more excited to share every hot pink house moment and every bit of feng shui, science and artfulness I can to help you get to that magic zone and stay there!!!

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You can sign to the free video series right HERE!

I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

xoxoxo Dana


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