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Jun 15, 2017 | Creativity

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Even if you are deeply committed to positivity and you are so focused on an outcome that’s awesome, in modern life we are all subject at times to thoughts that span the whole gamut of outcomes. I’ve gone through phases of extreme desire to eliminate these thoughts, and by focusing on them so intensely I made them… grow! In a wild turn of events, I came to see one way to really tip the scales way in favor of things flowing like magic.

It wasn’t a mind exercise or a visualization, it wasn’t a healer or anything else…

It was deep creative commitment.

Today, let’s look at ways you can ignite more creativity into your life to stay in your magic-making zone where your big visions and awesome outcomes become far easier to bring to life…!!!


I heard Greg Braden tell a story about a medicine-free hospital where the healers focus absolute intention upon a patient, seeing them as healed, and somewhat miraculously to those not familiar with their methods, the patient walks away fully healed.

Now, I would venture to say that in circumstances where this type of healing (which I have never witnessed, by the way, and would love to see if it still exists presently anywhere on the globe) is practiced, the practitioners who heal must have mastered in some way this type of deep focus upon a patient. I imagine not a shred of random thoughts, not a moment of doubt or anything else could break this powerful stream of intention.

That’s the ideal, right? You’re so so so deeply focused on seeing the outcome of things you want to change with your intention absolutely and without a doubt that this certainty springs into being.

Even at times of most intense focus, where my whole life could be 100% dedicated to just one thing, all sorts of thoughts could pop up. I wanted to master my mind to an extreme level so I could just think things into being absolutely, and there was no way to do it that I could find that was without the stray thoughts and fleeting “well, what if this doesn’t work?” ideas.

When all of this happened, I found myself diving into a hole. Things felt out of control as much as I tried to control them. I wasn’t sure what actions to take so I did things with a sense of desperation and doubt because, well, when you spend as much time as I was focusing and affirming outcomes and seeing nothing happen, it becomes pretty easy to doubt yourself or think you’re broken.

If you’re in that space right now, I am willing to bet that you are neither broken nor deeply flawed.

You may be actually be disconnected from your life and your creative power.

At least I can say that this is what exactly had happened to me.


I don’t share information to turn your life into a science project to find the cure to patch up what’s wrong with you… but, rather, I share all this science, feng shui’d ideas and artistry because I hope you’ll see something that sparks for you… that spark.

Hope. Possibility. Creative potential.

So when I was deep in my hell of thinking that all was lost I started to believe that maybe my “childhood programming” of failure and poverty and self-destruction that I saw all around me as a kid had finally caught up with me (at this point I had travelled the world with superstars, had been featured in New York social pages in the papers, had graduated with an Award from Stanford and had been hired for very impressive jobs by the way, all with this same “childhood programming”in my life… all before this downhill spiral ascended).  All of my “money programming” didn’t catch up with me. I just stopped doing what I did my whole life that made my whole life unlimited:

I stopped being ferociously creative.

It was in an acting class that I had this idea of being an ferociously creative person revived for me. From the day I walked into the theater, I was floored by the elaborate sets, the incredible details and even the weeks or months of character study that every actor on stage put into every scene. While we can all argue that acting isn’t about all these frills, could you imagine if every movie was just a white screen with people acting with none of these things? It would be weird, right?

Beyond the spectacle, it was the performances and the commitment that was riveting.

A few months into this unique experience, I was so entrenched in details, so consumed with creating these deeply loaded, detailed experiences on stage with my new friends, that my mind had no time for my stray thoughts. I had to go to the racetrack to study people who were gambling in the middle of the day, I had to find the right dresses, take dancing classes, learn martial arts, take psychology lessons… I had to practice, to dive deep, to bring these visions to life.   While I had really little actual interest in professional acting and left my Hollywood manager early in this process, all of my life as an artist cracked wide open (such was the case for many in the class who had other interests) because suddenly things were so deeply dimensional, so wildly passionate and absolutely enthralling.

It wasn’t about perfection… it was about bringing 100% commitment to each and every piece of work.

So, when I find myself in doubt, in worry, in spinning about “what to do and what is right and how will this work…???”

You know those thoughts?!

When I hear them I know one thing: I am not creating enough. And, I am not committed enough.  And I don’t need to be “fixed”… I need to be wildly and deeply excited about what I am doing.

I need to find my creative way into the magic!

Even if you don’t know exactly what kind of creative outlet will light you up right now, chances are if you’re too lost in examination of your self and too far from striding toward the things you love, you can benefit greatly from putting your creative heart on the line and diving into making things, any things— from your favorite blueberry muffins to your favorite playlist of songs— right now!

That energy is a spark. Like a movie, a walk outside, a fresh color of lipstick, a day at the farmers market… whatever it is that pulls you in…

This is the road to that space where you can move mountains with your mind so much more easily, because you won’t need to try, you’ll just be living it.

I created all the Feng Shui Camps with the ferocious creativity that fueled me through that dark time and into the light.  Since they’ve been out in the world, they’ve attracted to them the most spectacular, supportive and genius people I could ever imagine! In all of these Camps, I encourage everyone to create lots of space for creative awakening to arrive!


P.S.: If you’re ready to take the energy around you to the next level, detox the negativity and make space for joy, the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox is here for you.

THE JOY IMMERSION is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days. It’s loaded with lots of actions that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


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