7 Ways To Expand Your Creative Genius In A Huge Way!

Jun 19, 2017 | Creativity

If you don’t use something, you don’t “lose” it, per say, even though you may feel like you have.  Put on some ice skates after 10 or 20 years and you’ll know the motions… it may just take a while to feel like you’re skating again without being self-aware, and then, soon, if you practice, you’ll develop from there.

Lately I’m obsessed with watching videos of people who reconnected- or connected for the first time-  with their passions later in life and became record-setting and game-changing in their chosen creative realms.

And I realize that this creative spark is not just for a moment off in the distance when there’s less pressure, less work, less needs to fulfill and to-do lists to check off.  Those days may never come soon enough, and that creative energy we miss when we put off the good stuff for later could have actually been the solve to lots of emotional, finacial and even physical ailments.

Lots of these game-changing people I’ve been observing- some into their 100’s- usually say they could have started earlier.  But, I’m so inspired that they started, nevertheless, and practiced, and immersed, and constantly grow!

We all know the motions of the things that light us up.  But if you stray really far from using these things, it can be a little clunky (and maybe even intimidating, frustrating or totally trying to your ego) to get back in the groove.

This isn’t just soulfully a good idea- creativity will help you to do just about anything with more vibrance and power! 

“I used to be so good at this!” was my frustration proclamation when I grabbed my crochet hook a year ago and managed to barely make a beanie.

At 10 years old, I could crochet you a full wardrobe.  I did it for all of my dolls, even, and they were dressed in total style.  I even made them matching socks.

I persisted, slogged through one beanie and then another beanie came easier.

But, beyond the beanie, a whole lot of the thoughts, memories, visions and talents of my childhood flooded back to me as I moved through the next one.

I know if I had the deep inclination to crochet again (I live in LA, and there’s a limited time you want to be covered in wool and yarn!) I could get back to my genius zone with practice, but even picking up the hook and yarn from time to time keeps me in the loop of my earliest creative feelings.

Out of that crochet binge, I had the ideas to start new projects, I expanded my visions for the things I wanted to make in the next few years and even launched into re-designing my online Camps.  It all started with a decision to do a little more of something that was so intrinsic to my childhood.

You may not have been a crafty kid.  Maybe your creativity was sports, or academics, chess or writing, gathering people for parties…

It’s the same electricity.

The implications are so vast.

Roland Alexander writes in Psychology Today: 

“Just as an athlete who’s in condition has the muscle tone to be able to spring into action instantly, someone who regularly accesses their core creativity becomes creatively toned. For this person, the faucet to this remarkable flow of inspiration opens up easily, naturally, and often, allowing spontaneous and dramatic breakthroughs. When you’re creatively toned, instead of merely dipping your toe in the water and playing it safe, you’re willing to be utterly daring. Knowing this, you can navigate through a sea of self-limiting thoughts and transform such unwholesome beliefs as “I had my chance and blew it,” “It’s too late; my time is over,” “I’ll never be happy again,” and “I can’t.”

I do a whole lot of creative things every day, but my deep urge lately is to go deeper.  Deep into areas that I am ready to master beyond feng shui, beyond space-shifting, beyond the scope of work and the life I know.  This is what fuels me, it makes me actually able to give much more, and I’ve re-established so many habits to get into that zone, today I’m so happy to share some!

Mental breaks.  My mind needs rest, and for me, the longer I spend engaged in my spiritual  practice the farther I can stretch myself mentally.  While I do love naps as mind breaks (one is coming soon!) the best mind rest I get is in my meditative Buddhist practice.  I check out and check in all at once.  Meditate on nothing and everything inspiration-wise can arrive in your clear-mindedness!

Lazying around.  In the middle of a massive pile of deadlines, I turn on the TV (or/Netflix) now to watch an old sitcom or a cooking show and do nothing but zone out.  Or I play with Bob for a long time.  Or I just zone out with magazines, amusing books… nothing heavy and nothing to do.  Some of my best ideas come after a break like this!

Page 1. Starting the first page, taking the first step, this is everything.  Page 1 of my first novel I completed at 23 was the most rewarding page.  It took a long time to get through that page… but the next time I sat down, I got through an entire chapter.  That’s when my zoned-out and tapped-in obsession with writing became something I couldn’t live well without.  I have never felt more alive than deep in writing more woven, more expanded and luscious stories.  If you have another skill, dream, activity or art form to reconnect with, Page 1 can be Step 1: get the shoes, get the paint, get the supplies or take them out of the closet and dust them off and get them ready!

Scent.  Aromatherapy at intervals throughout the day keeps a lot of my energy flowing freshly.  A drop of frankincense on my wrists, a candle, a diffuser, smelling roses while I walk the dogs… it’s all an awakening on so many levels.

Creative sleep.  When I heard Bruce Lipton talk about reprogramming his subconscious by listening to positivity audios while he slept, I was somewhat skeptical on this point— I relish sleeping in silence.  That said, I was tempted to give it a go just to see if I was missing something… and with a ittle experimentation, and a short audio that I really like, I wake up feeling so amazing I am into this!!!

Timelines. That whole idea of a goal being a dream with a deadline is a real thing. Without a timeline, even a rough one that’s flexible, it’s way harder to get things accomplished!

Staying Quiet.  When I want big things I’ve never done to come true, I do one big thing: I do not talk about it!!!  I just do it.  A very well-known writer told me 12 years ago that it’s his biggest success secret. You can talk about it when it’s all done… !

This is what’s amplifying my own energy at the moment in fresh ways.  It’s all helping me get my momentum for my secret projects (!!!) and new directions.  I feel buzzy and excited and even more engaged with everything I’m doing all day.

None of this takes a load of time, money or anything else.

And this is just my list.

You may have 7- or 10- or 20 (!!!) more or different tools you lean on to get that energy flowing.

Use them!

Cherish them!

Creative energy is the everything. It’s this energy that infuses life with deeper meaning and more vast sense of personal legacy building every day. From that zone of excitement, things seem to fall together in all of life far more like magic.



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