Designing A Home & Life That’s Rich In Natural Abundance!

Jun 21, 2017 | Home Style


Abundance is our true nature. We are meant to be connected with the earth, plants, animals… We are meant to connect.

If that connection breaks down, there’s a wobbly sense of no foundation. There’s nothing deeply nourishing, creative and unlimited… so life can feel restricted.

Luckily, there are infinite feng shui ways to design this natural abundance in our homes & lifestyles.

This abundance is gorgeous and it feels comforting, grounding, safe and enriching.

Today, let’s turn up the wattage on our prosperity and launch into grounded, texture-filled, lush, expanded design and lifestyle switches that are all teeming with richness!

(Glitter Guide)

Lots of weave. Densely woven in gorgeous patterns, all of these weaves look so luscious.


Botanicals. Use aromatherapy, drink more juice, especially a splash of citrus in your water (the Medical Medium relishes this tip and says it brings life to the water!) and lots of green leaves and celery juice…All this fruit and veggie bliss is ultra-abundant!


Outdoor space. More of a patio/ sunroom/ balcony set up will ignite your space with more energy! If you can’t get outdoors, open some windows!


Textiles are a win! Gorgeous botanical prints on fabric, even mandalas, are naturally visually abundant and flowing with graceful energy. Curtains, tablecloths, bed covers, throw blankets… bring on the flow!

Style is personal. Any richness you add, make sure it resonates with you and it will serve your gorgeous purpose!

Now… few reminders about abundance in your life that pop up in mine all the time.

You have abundant genius. Every so often (oh, every week or so!) I stop wanting to post things after I read a few mega-websites taking my written work without credit. Then, I’m reminded that there are so so so many ideas that there’s nothing to fret about. I haven’t reached the end, I am barely at the beginning, and always making and stretching. Don’t get tempted to obsesses over injustice. I know so many people who had their TV show ideas “stolen” and none of them became writers even though they were so talented because of this perceived (or actual) injustice.   Keep moving forward.

There are no limits to what you can make. I had the distinct and unforgettable experience of running the art galleries of a true art maverick. I think he blurs the line between criminal and genius, but, nevertheless, he created the careers of some of the greatest artists of our time. His gift to artists was that he brought them absolutely unlimited thinking.  “Lets fill 30,000 square feet of space with LED TV screens!”… “Sure!”, or ” Want to build massive installations out of plastic trash that encompass 40,000 sq feet in a week hiring artisans from Craigslist?” …”No problem!”  “Set up a concert inside a sculpture made of LED lights from Austria?”…  “Yes, Let’s do it. Let’s do 10 of them. 15.” He once built an entire building to erect what would become one of the most famous works of art in the last 60 years. And… he’s not rich, he’s most certainly scandalous and he’s just… deeply and completely committed to his genius and mission without limits.

Scarcity getting you down? This one is for you:

Now…are you excited to expand?!

Create your own abundance everywhere you look!



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