Move Past Your Best Excuses And Into Your Biggest Passions!

Jun 22, 2017 | Creativity

Are you living your most passionate life? Your most passionate career? Your talent moving into the world every day, in small ways and big ways?

Do you see that passion and specialness that you are reflected all around you in your home and office, like the lovely personal touches of this boho home?

That’s my deepest wish for you— that all your creative genius find its way into the world.

Your secret talents, your deepest dreams, your shelved manuscripts, your wishes that are on HOLD until you have X, Y and Z all sorted out—

Now is the time to do them.

I know that every friend, stranger and motivational teacher has said that:  The time is now! The time is now!

But those people don’t need to pay your bills, take care of your family, clean your house or go to the gym for you, right? They don’t know how much you do and how you don’t have the time, money or energy… and… plus there have been so many examples of people failing when they follow their dreams… so… yeah… the time is now isn’t really that awesome.

But what is awesome: if you did follow your dreams, even in your spare time, you are more likely to have more time, more money and more energy… more love, more wellness, more fulfillment. When you live with passion, your whole home and life can transform even by taking the simplest steps!!!

The classic prosperity teacher Catherine Ponder talks a whole lot about your work as something that is divine. It’s a gift, it’s your talents moving into the world even if your job right now doesn’t express all of your talents, per say, as many of my “day jobs” of the past did not.

What those old jobs did give me an opportunity to do is to practice skills that made my life better and ultimately led me to teach how to administrate life like a CEO. There’s nothing quite as great as knowing how to “run your life” as a business and by being the creative director, admin or even art producer on jobs (rather than the artist or talent) for many years on a high level, I wasn’t really in my passion, but I was practicing these vital skills while I developed my passion.

Now, in The Cash Camp every year, the best of all I have learned by running some of the wildest and most luminous business becomes a core part of the practical aspects of the Camp.

Basically: nothing is for nothing, unless we let it be for nothing.

Divine work is super-true to me.

No matter what wild job I did- or do- I found a way to love it and bring the best of it to my life to allow my days to shine so that when I had time off, I could build my much bigger dream every day!

This funny and very focused TEDx talk is all about your career and your satisfaction:

This is so so vital: it doesn’t matter how much you want to pursue your dreams… it matters that you do it.

12 years ago, before I could afford fancy furniture, before I could justify taking the time to “live my dreams” in full, I took time every day to work on my feng shui for myself, to heal my life and experiment with this craft that I was falling in love with. I remember late night trips to Home Depot where I’d fill a cart with clay pots, soil and as many plants as I could afford, spending all night planting them and lining my entranceway and kitchen with green.   I remember the first time I burned sage with intention, the first crystals I shopped for, and the first set of deeply discounted but lovely sheets I bought myself. The first vision board beside my lofted bed. The first plan I wrote in a journal and visualized every day and night.

How that evolved into all this that I do now is something I can’t explain but know had to do with my passion and immersion.

Don’t create an excuse to not take action.

Instead, find a way to immerse in what you love, even in your spare time.

COURAGE is the energy that makes life start getting easier.

Take that deep breath and go and do it…!

You deserve to feel amazing!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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