Are You Ready To Being Finally & Completely Done With A Lingering Problem?

Jun 24, 2017 | Prosperity

Yes I am.  Totally ready to be finally and completely done with a lingering problem that’s hung around for way too long.

Are you?!

Today’s feng shui is about once-and-for-all getting the lingering stuff of problems finally resolved so that the path to abundance is clear!

Here’s what used to happen to me when I had a lingering problem that wouldn’t resolve easily: I would see experts, do research and try everything to resolve it on the surface by any and all means possible. I’d find money to throw at money problems, I’d take vacations, retreats and devour expert tips to fix relationship issues…

And things would be immediately better!

Money in the bank meant no more money problems. A week in love again on an island meant peace was restored, and no more relationship problems.

Until, the money was predictably gone, or the peace wore off, and then… boom… the same problem was right there, waiting.

Have you been in this place?

It’s maddening at times. You might feel stuck, somewhat cursed, like nothing of the most magical cures for everything that seem to work for everyone else can help you… Or like your luck is bad… Or you’re not in control…

While taking a pill or medication for an illness is vital if it’s needed, in the long term, there’s usually other things that can be supportive, healing and even a cure for what’s been troubling.

Cures for problems happen at their roots.

I visit a garden often that is often overgrown for a spell with weeds. The reason? The weeds are cleared by trimming them down rather than pulling them out of the ground. If you leave the roots, soon enough that same problem weed will start gathering energy and growing back, while it depletes the soil of nutrients for your lawn, your flowers and trees and veggies.


Roots of problems of all kinds work this way in life, too, from all I’ve lived and observed:

Roots in life are often deeply-held beliefs. 

Roots in life are an accumulation of causes and effects. 

Roots are habits you’re conscious or maybe not that conscious of sometimes.

Roots are agreements you’ve made, decisions about yourself, what you can do and what your limitations are…

These are all reflected in your thoughts, words and actions. You experience them growing in your emotions, the issues that manifest themselves despite it all, the patterns that repeat themselves seemingly on automatic.

They show up in your environment as a reflection. Clutter, stagnation, overwhelm, an unwashed car, a bank account balance you don’t want to see, a closet you don’t want to open…

And these rooted problems are often easier to pull out than I once thought.

It wasn’t about 700 wellness solutions to solve the roots of some big problems, or the latest fad or the trendy trick…

It was the ability to say that I was so fed up that I was ready to dig in and get to the bottom of things. 

Ready to root out the weeds, hunt the demons and clear all that space.

With love, with patience, with courage and determination everything is possible.

I’ve seen this so many times…

All the allergy pills on the planet can’t fix allergies if their cause is something you eat daily that keeps the allergy alive and kicking. It will always be a battle.

All the therapy in the world that involves talking without taking action in some way will just- as I’ve been taught by cognitive behavioral therapists- create more awareness without diving into solutions.

All the money in the world can’t fix a money problem of chaos or a deep belief in unworthiness. It can help, but it’s not the fix. I know because I had enormous amounts of money handed to me and still, even being frugal and prudent, would wind up teetering to zero.

It’s about finding the roots. Looking at the whole picture, holistically.

The beliefs. The thoughts, words and actions that hold them in place. The karmic underpinnings of what’s happening…

It’s all reflected all around you, so it isn’t all a huge mystery.

Look around and see what you see in your space. How does it make you feel. What do you think of when you see things? How does the inbox of your email make you feel? Open up your wallet and see how you feel.

It’s all a reflection.

Digging in and making change can be very basic at its core. Courage, love and determination to see the often simple “why” beneath things and start to change them.

Self-love is a big part of it all.

We’ve all collected roots of lots of weeds, but with love for that big garden we have called life, we can start digging them out, one by one, completely.

Polishing the countertops. Clearing the cobwebs. Balancing a schedule. Dusting off old dreams lost in beliefs that they just weren’t realistic. Respecting and loving our work and our wealth, our bodies and our talents, our homes and the love that fills them.

It may take patience, time and consistency to change a habit or re-vamp a belief… but you can absolutely do it!

So, next time you feel that you’re just so fed up with something in your life that keeps repeating, see if you can dive deeper to see what’s at the roots. Determined to really pull up the weed that’s blocking the rest of your life from flourishing, holding back energy and attention from what you love…

You already are all those radiant, confident, wealthy, calm, loved and amazing things you dream about.

Sometimes it just takes a little life-clearing to get to the place where you can see all that brilliance very clearly!

xoxo Dana

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