The Superpowers Of A High-Vibration Home & Lifestyle!

Jun 27, 2017 | Creativity

The more your home shines, the more you’ll be compelled to shine, even when you’re not feeling particularly shiny.

The shine doesn’t have to be fiery colors, metallic shimmers or strings of twinkle lights, though all are welcome.  The shine doesn’t have to be exceptional, handmade, custom designer furniture.  It certainly doesn’t have to be shimmery.

But… it does need to make your mind feel like glitter when you contemplate your space!

That high bar to set for the energy of your home- a home that inspires glittery thoughts and bursts of joy, meditative bliss and grounded greatness- is practical magic.

The higher the energy of your home, the more it will reflect, dynamically and always, your highest self and your greatest dreams!

This is why high vibes matter. The scale above, developed by David Hawkins, represents the energetic states we can all live in, all on a gradient from the lowest of energies to the highest.  Every emotion is valid and vital to experience, but to live in the lower realms of the scale most of the time is a lot of suffering.  It’s also where life becomes much more difficult.

Think about last time you were scared to do something and a friend entertained you, made you laugh and lifted your spirits until you felt courage.  That’s a whole different vibe, right? It was easier to make that phone call, take that next step or do whatever needed to be done, I bet, from a higher place.

The higher you rise on the scale, the more you move into expanded living.  It’s where art resides.  It’s where genius flows freely.  It’s where love is embraced unconditionally.

There are so many ways to raise your personal energy.  Here are some easy ones to start:

Pretty cool, right?

Play with the left column, explore new ideas, foods, fun…

This is part of expanding your life as a daily lifestyle.

Life becomes easier, work becomes easier, everything becomes easier…

Now… let’s get back to HOME.

A high vibration home invites you to relax much more.

Things are polished up and feel fresh.

Air flows freely.

You’re surrounded by plants, people, pets and even fruit and veggies that you love.

It’s the start of Feng Shui, where you home can be the catapult to help make your dreams come true.

Why is this a superpower, to add energy at home?

High vibration homes keep the darkness out.  They remind you of your strong personal boundaries that let in only love and keep away the evil. 

High vibration homes are a prism of your dreams.  It’s as though you are living within a map or a prototype of all the intentions, wishes and visions you plan to unfold in the future. 

High vibration homes are a motivational force. They are brimming with fresh energy that keeps ideas flowing and life moving forward, even when you’re feeling tempted to quit. 

High vibration homes make your cells happy.  Truly.  Environment is the factor that determines the fate of your cells.  Environment triggers hormones, chmical reactions and decisions on a cellular level. Happy homes create more happy cells!!!

And, if that wasn’t enough…

High vibration homes are homes filled with love, energy, grace and passion. 

This is what we all want, right?!

Dive in and make your home shine and you’ll be immersed in so much joy all the time!!!



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