10 Simple Feng Shui Ways To Make Every Day A Great Day!

Jun 29, 2017 | Creativity

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Today is the greatest day ever.

Every day is the greatest day.

That’s the ideal. It’s the possibility. And it’s the energy that makes us unstoppable.

A powerful shift- the desire to find the greatest in every day- creates a sort of fearlessness, infinite possibility and so much excitement…

In a sense, it’s about becoming your own alchemist.

It’s taking poison and turning it to medicine, creating new ways to make lemonade from lemons… and even better lemonade when you’re tired of the ne you’ve been drinking! It’s about expansion, growing and becoming even more awesome no matter what.  No. Matter. What.

Some ideas to spark your best days ever – every day- are the feng shui of today!

Inspiration lists are awesome. I am a fan of stopping in a “not greatest day ever” and making a list of ways to get inspired   Your inspiration list will be unique to you. You’ll have certain things that thrill you, some special ways to relax, secret places to visit, your own escapes… your own thoughts and mantra and magic. Have fun with this. Give yourself an inspiring list and do something on that list – whether it’s a face mask or a trip downtown- to make the day shine brighter!

Sunshine is always a great thing. If you have absolutely none of the sun right now, see if you can get full-spectrum light bulbs (they’re at grocery stores these days!) and turn them on! A light box (you can find them on Amazon) can counteract SAD in the winter time.

Moving is always a catalyst. Even in the days when you can’t get out of bed, moving and stretching what you can move will move energy! It really can be this simple.

Get grounded. Put your feet on the ground wherever you are and imagine there’s a great big cord of light traveling down your spine, out the soles of your feet and into the most energizing core of the Earth. Feel that rooted awesomeness. Barefoot outside in grass or sand is always the most awesome in my experience!

Clear your energy field. Yes, you can do it all by yourself. Breathe deep and feel that grounding into the earth. Now, super-simply, let the negativity and anything else you can imagine that you no longer want just flow through your feet and into the Earth where it can be transformed. Now, breathe back in the pure Earth energy. It’s so easy and makes a big difference.

Stillness is centering. Running around can be a way to out-run the magic in a day. Slow down at times and tap into your magic. It’s waiting for you. Close your eyes, breathe and recharge.

Make a killer decision. Yes. Decisions are a way to make every day powerful. Get clear, get grounded and get into your most decisive mode. On languishing days I have made the decision that have most shaped my life. Decide, decide, decide powerfully in ways that feel great.

Stay occupied with doing stuff instead of thinking stuff.  Cleaning the garage, running errands, dancing around the house… all are more momentum-building than lots of over-thinking!

Find lots of time for love. Love lifts everything higher, and time you spend in love is never time wasted.

And keep learning. Learning is often my fastest way out of a spell of inertia or overthinking or anything else. Learning more about anything- from wildlife to history to how to trim your own hair!- is wonderful. Learning more about how to actually dive into and unravel patterns, habits and problems in new ways is truly powerful. Load up at the library, attend lectures, join a book club, start taking classes and engaging with what you read by putting it into action…

…get into learning more about what thrills you and let it move you!

All of this learning is lovely to see but only effective if you do it… or do anything it takes that resonates with you to take a day that’s wobbly and set it straight, to find the silver lining, make the most of each moment.

No matter what you do… I hope you do it!

There are so many incredible things to experience every day.

Be one with the adventure and expand your life…!



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