5 Ways To Harness Your Creativity And End Over-Thinking!

Jul 10, 2017 | Creativity

Harnessing your creativity is the sparkle and catalyst of life!

This glowing plate of magenta agate was a punctuation mark in a day of wonder. We all need these color-filled bright spots in the day, the glowing colors, the magic of nature and some unexpected surprises.

When you’re locked in your head in thought or somewhat divorced from your body in worries and stress, it can be really hard to imagine how these moments of wonder ever appear. We stop seeing life, we stop being curious, we stop taking the extra time… because everything is so serious that there’s no time for anything magical.

I’ve lived in that place of emptiness from inspiration. I’ve been in that “logical” mind of no time for leisure, no time to brainstorm, no ideas flowing…

It’s when fear, sadness, anger and all sorts of other emotions have taken over. What takes 10 minutes on a high-flying inspired day can take a full day in that space of heady, heavy, confused and chaotic living.

Over-thinking is not fun.

If you’re there right now… and you’re looking for a much brighter way to be… for solutions to problems that persist, for more fulfillment, more easy days and more light… today, let’s get creatively inspired…!

Here are five ideas to harness your creative magic in easy ways that will take you out of your head and into the joy of imagination:

Exercise.  Particularlyexercise in easy ways to take breaks from lots of thinking. HERE are so many reasons to take a walk. I now park far from meetings so I will have more walks in my days! :

Eat creative foods. Make your plate a rainbow of fruit or veggies, buy yourself childhood treats, actually style your food a little. It doesn’t take training to make a gorgeous salad at a salad bar or a bright pink smoothie full of berries! These treats are super-enlivening. When I shop, I make sure my grocery cart or sacks at the Farmers Market are a full spectrum of color, even if I’m not sure what to do with a radish or a new melon… yet!

Tap into Nature in an immersive sense. If you cant make it to the beach or to the Boardwalk in Venice where I found all these crystal beauties, can you fill your home with a double-dose of natural materials, aromatherapy, natural beauty products and other gifts of nature that flood your home and office with their vibrations of creative magic? Mother Nature is the ultimate artist!

Journal with a sense of magic. Documenting your days may not be that helpful, after all, if you’ve been very caught up in the way things are rather than the way you want them to be. THESE journal exercises are super-helpful to start lifting yourself out of the “reality” that feels stuck and start flying in a reality of your own creation:

Clear your life of negativity.  Negativity is introverting. It leaves you stuck in your head and drains your life of energy.

There are so many paths to clearing the negative, and it really depends for you on where that negativity is coming from…but… to be free of it can wildly unleash your potential. I had a friend in a broken relationship beyond repair fr many years who felt so chronically ill and exhausted that it became a medical mystery. After deciding to part ways, his energy returned to such a degree that he took on an extra (& creative) job to be able to use all the buzzing electricity that was flowing through his life. You may know where the heaviness is— so, see what you can do to start letting go of that heaviness and igniting your life!!!

From art breaks to craft store binges, new classes to new music, fresh recipes to fresh environments… there are so many ways to add that sparkle and magic to your life… and to increase it from where you are right now! I’m wishing you so much fun in lifting life higher!!!



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xoxo Dana


  1. Graham

    What ever you do, don’t combine the melon and the radishes! xoxo


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