Could This Be Why Your Feng Shui (Or Any Other Big Change) Isn’t Working Out?

Jul 13, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

Why do some changes stick and some just don’t, even when you’ve done it all right?

I see these feng shui (and life) situations daily.

You followed the feng shui rules you read in a book, and nothing happened.

You followed all the life rules for making a change in some way…and nothing happened!


I used to be quick to say that these folks were following the wrong rules and philosophies. The wrong advice and the wrong science. But, that’s not really always the deciding factor, and it’s not where I look first now.

Lots of people have seeming benefits from even the wackiest of suggestions… even if they a temporary gains.


There’s one thing I can state generally and almost universally that seems to separate those who flourish from those who wonder why it’s not working.

It’s not magic at all.

It’s a deep-seated, absolute, committed decision that comes from your heart and is loaded with personal connection that’s the engine behind all change in feng shui… and all change in general!

Change is motivated by many things, including other people and old beliefs.

Not all energy that’s motivating change is equal.

Here are some key distinctions.

Not change because you “should” have things. ,,,rather, change because you are deeply ready, totally committed and want that certain change completely.

Not change because you know you need to change… but change because you want it.

Not change that leads you down a path to a certain point where it feels to vulnerable and you sort of hide out and don’t take the next step, but change where every demon that appears feels like a blessing so you can sweep them all away and clear a deeper path. 

Without that really deep decision, your energy won’t shape space and time or bring more power to your days with the same level of awesomeness and personal fusion.

Are you that committed in a deep way to making a positive change? Or… are you hoping that you are committed enough to get some results without risking too much or possibly failing? 

In feng shui, in my way, your home is a mirror of you. If you’re using feng shui to change your life and/or your habits in some way, your home is an aspirational mirror. It’s the paradigm that you’ve decided to switch into from any other ways you’ve been living. It’s reflecting your greatest hopes and dreams and it can remind, support and inspire you forward.

Change doesn’t happen because a rule book of ancient doctrine said something about the southwest or a certain number for your birthday means you’ll have good luck if you repaint your door or any other vestiges of superstitious practices. In fact, I avoid all of this and have considered not even calling what I do feng shui because I have seen the damages that these practices create.

Change happens because of your intention magnified everywhere.

So, if you think you “should” have a relationship but you are not ready or wanting one at your core, you won’t have that soulful intention magnified in your space. If you’ve ever seen what a relationship looks like that is created on the basis of what “should” be… well.. that’s not that awesome. Even a “perfectly” feng shui’d bedroom won’t feel like it’s that welcoming to new love. 

If you think it would be a good idea to start a garden but don’t like the maintenance of daily gardening, what do you think will become of that garden?

It’s not just a good idea that turns wishes into brand new lifestyles; it’s wanting it badly enough that you’ll go out and create it every day.

Your heart has to be in it. No matter what happened in the past, no matter what emotions come up… that heartful big YES to change needs to be super-clear.

With that level of excitement, you’ll flood your environment with that energy and intention as you go.

The shifts you make in space will elevate things profoundly.

The actions you take will be more deft, inspired and exciting.

The way you create your day every day will be more powerful and poignant.

You may not get every single thing you want, exactly as you want them, but you’ll get way more of it, and, beyond all things, you will get into your flow and fulfillment.

It doesn’t start with a fountain, a talisman or a magic potion.

It can start right now. No special skills needed.

It starts with you. And that great big, heart-wide-open decision.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Ingrid

    Hi Dana,
    thank you for carefully considering my question about ‘wanting it all now’
    your answer about Maslow’s hierarchy summed it up !
    thanks again,


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