Have You Been Overdoing It & Burning Yourself Out?

Jul 16, 2017 | Creativity

I need a lot of rest, maybe more than I realized until I allowed myself to sleep more and saw my entire body, mind and spirit change dramatically for the better.

Lately, that rest has been slightly shortchanged for a long enough time that it started to become a viscous cycle. Slower mornings, longer afternoon naps, tons of energy way too late at night and then… It continues.

This is my subtle burnout pattern.  I know if I let it go for even one more week I will stop wanting to create things and start feeling like I want to hide all day because everything becomes too intense.

I found flowers, naps, coconut ice cream and time with my dogs and friends and love, and now I’m off for a long walk and back in my swing of flow.  Bed early sets it all back on the right path.

The signs of  burnout are subtle then loud.  At best, you just feel tired.  At worst, you feel a kind of tired that tons of sleep won’t even cure.

Have you been overdoing it lately?!

There are some facets of life that are easy to adjust and simple concepts that are worth looking at to help stay out of the zone of burnout and feel truly fantastic even when you’re plate is extremely full.

Realize that creative blocks are a form of burnout. If you are frustrated, in too many problems or at a loss for ideas or feeling unloved, now’s the time to do the artistic, aesthetic, awesome things (museums, movies, theater, books…???) that fill you up!  I have a pretty giant Amazon haul of books on the way to me now, to ensure I will not burn out as things get even busier!

A home that looks like a tornado hit it – or that has zones of troublesome clutter- is the biggest burnout red flag.  Get help (friends, family, even a pro housecleaner for a day or two) and clean up deeply.  One big clean will be a foundation that is rejuvenating for your space.

Stiff and sore and “stuck” feeling bodies need more space and time.  When I find myself crossing the line of sitting too often, stretching too little or working too rigorously without a break, I head to my acupuncturist for a few sessions of re-boot, start long walks in the mornings so I won’t miss them as the day moves forward… and keep on standing and stretching.

Computers vs. Companions. Computers are not your companions.  If you don’t have at least as much people time as computer time every day, find more balance!

Adrenals need support.  There’s a whole lot to know about adrenal fatigue and THIS post can help fill you in on the big picture of keeping your adrenals in great shape.  If you have serious fatigue, the first stop is a doctor’s office for tests and a great nutritionist or other qualified healers and great support to re-build in a big way.

Find more wonder and more breath in the day. Stop and take deep breaths.  Learn some mindful meditation and give yourself 15 minutes a day.  This is all easy but so life-changing.

Schedule life around your wellbeing.  Even just a tiny bit more.  It will make a big difference if you spread out your obligations (that lunch meeting that’s non-urgent can be next week in lieu of a nap…) , create actual breaks that involve doing nothing for a day or even two (!), make time for exercise (you can do aerobics or simple weight lifting of light weights while watching TV, listen to podcasts while taking a long walk…).  If you don’t schedule this time, no one will schedule it for you!

Simple ways to  stay in your power, flow and balance will carry you a long way farther than powering through things and hoping you can make it through the day without another coffee that barely has an effect.

Deep breaths, lots of art, and a ton of space… and you’ll be on your way to expanded energy in no time!

xoxo !!!


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