5 Ways To Reclaim Your Motivation & Inspiration When You’ve Lost It!

Jul 17, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

I used to think success breeds more inspiration unequivocally. As a small child I would look at the greatest artists and think about how their monumental work must – it just must!- fuel them forward. It must be that every great work sets the stage for the next. I saw it in my mind like a great big snowball of greatness.

But, then, as I grew up a bit and started to actually know lots of artists and live more closely to the art world itself I noticed that many artists on the rise poured so much passion and motivation into making their mark and getting their work to the world and becoming recognized and financially established that once that acclaim came, that big payday and the huge recognition, they sort of flamed out.

The art stopped flowing, the breakthroughs stopped breaking through…

I didn’t get why or how this happened until, years later, I started to witness the same phenomenon in so many ways in so many different areas of life.

Part of that “loss of motivation” I’ve heard from many who’ve been there is that they were no longer as hungry and no longer trying to prove themselves, so the game of breaking through was over. Now… what would be the reason to challenge yourself so rigorously?

Of course, that’s one exceptional scenario of how motivation can flow out of life.

Considering that not all of us are famous artists affected by fame and huge success, yet many of us still have blank-minded days or weeks of no motivation… there is a bigger picture.

But the same scenario still applies.

That artist who lost motivation lacked a reason to create that was compelling enough to keep the momentum going after the success arrived.

Do you have a compelling reason- a why- a mission- to keep on creating?

That’s the first question as we kick off some deep motivation that has nothing to do with whipping yourself into a frenzy and everything to do with creating a life that is grounded in peace and power!

To start: what’s your why?

I could watch Simon Sinek talk all day and it’s so powerful to get just how powerful a WHY actually is. This example applies to companies and marketing, but you can apply this WHY to your everyday life…!

This talk has been disputed and dissected but I can tell you in working with so many people over the last 10 years that I can sense when someone is creating from their mission and I can also sense when someone is lining up the dots and doing and saying all the right things but they aren’t connected to their stuff.

If you’ve feeling unmoved in any area of life, see if there is more mission to infuse into that area of life.

In the DIY e-guide to feng shui- Feng Shui 101– we apply this to your personal life… and to your home.

When I am staring blankly into an Instagram feed or a Facebook timeline or my third pass through my emails and unable to get into the day, still, there’s a big something I do that helps me hook into the day.

Take extra time and really get ready for the day!

Showing up can often be as easy as wearing a favorite dress, spending a few extra minutes on my hair, pulling together some lipstick and aromatherapy perfume…

I know this all sounds petty but I can tell you, it means a whole lot to actually decide to deliberately care for yourself and do it extra-specially. It’s times like these I get my nails done, whip up a hair and skin mask in the kitchen or do my eyebrows. It’s a few extra minutes of accessorizing or styling an outfit.

How does this help?

It just does.

If you’re looking your best in a way that really reflects you, how can you help but feel a little more present and willing to be seen on all levels a bit more. Whatever habits help you feel extra-specially pulled-together can be truly motivating on a level of fun…!

Go deeper. 

When I felt the blog was lacking in a deeper sense of my own hooked in connection, I realized I needed to get deeper into topics and really explore and share them.   A deftly genius research assistant was my first move- and one I can’t be happier about.

Same applies to all stuckness. If you can shake it off easily and conventional wisdom doesn’t seem to apply, go much deeper. Is there an underlying problem, belief or even traumatic event that’s blocking you from moving forward?

I can tell you that in the past one great big scary abusive narcissist of a man was enough to – even after doing all the logical work to be free of it all on every visible level- keep me mysteriously away from men for a solid year until I dug much deeper. The tools exist and the professionals and groups exist to support you in purging your deeper energetic and emotional heaviness, but the first step is always to decide to go deeper.

Daydream and time travel more powerfully. Thinking about your mission and what it will be like to have it accomplished is one big step in the right direction. Think about it from different angles as you daydream. Think about like 10 years from now and maybe a few hours from now.

Tip: When you do it… do it in a super-relaxed state.

At my last day-job I’d walk in the back and find a stoop to sit on where I would count backward from 100 to 0 and then start daydreaming constructively!   Now, I literally kick back to take a nap and do it at least once a day.

This is so simple and so powerful.

And, of course, who would I be without mentioning so clearly that the best way to stay in your flow is to stay connected to love. 

Stay away from the negative, cynical and realistic folks and sit deep in love.

The more you can immerse yourself in love every day, the more possible the seemingly impossible becomes.

Do you need to connect to more love?

Random acts of kindness, notes to old friends and brining a flame back to your relationship are all amazing.

Deciding to raise your energy so high that all of life becomes love is even more awesome.

High energy lifts others up toward love. It changes your body. It animates and enlivens your cells. It feels fantastic and it is waiting for you the moment you decide to vibrate higher and live without heaviness!

It may be one thing that sparks your realignment with your powerful flow. It may be something completely unrelated to all of the above. Even just making the decision to be in your zone of genius, when made completely enough, can set the wheels in motion and start the engines of inspiration blazing forward!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Tony Taneja

    Hi Dana, I have gone through my life quite hard. I am a loving father and husband.
    Me and my wife have been married for 24 years. We lost our kids in 2013. I am going through very stress life. I work in a medical field. It’s been 2 year. I am not going to work because of stress. Now I feel like to change, but don’t how?
    Just want to know how can I change my life.

    • danaclaudat

      Hello Tony, I am so sorry to hear about these heartbreaking obstacles. While I can’t really tel you how specifically to make a change, I do know that you can. The help of a therapist- someone specializing in traumas- has been life-changing for me. EMDR helped me immensely. EFT (Tapping) that you can find on You Tube by people like Brad Yates help with day to day lighter issues a whole lot n my exeperience. Being very good to yourself – taking kindly to yourself, treating yourself well, cleaning house, taking time off- can be very supportive. I am wishing you so much well and love. xoxo Dana


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