Have Things Felt Too Up & Down Lately?

Jul 22, 2017 | Prosperity

Or… maybe it’s a pattern. Up, up, up… then down.

If your bubble doesn’t burst on it’s own, you may find a way to burst it in burnout or overwhelm.

Sound familiar?

When the conditions of my life used to swing wildly up and down- meaning I would be on a creative roll then totally blocked, on a financial upswing then totally bust, on a love high and then flame out- I knew something was very wrong.  I just didn’t know how to name it.

Today, some balancing feng shui can help you to break free of the boom and bust cycle and really embrace the steady growth of a life that’s free of that rollercoaster. 

Check your beliefs. 

Do you think, as I was told often, that booms and busts are just the way life is?

I would hear that: “Oh, you need to get used to it.  That’s life.  It’s always that way.”

It would make me cringe and feel even more desperate to find answers to solve my own totally out of control cycles.  I didn’t have mood swings… I had life swings.  And they were not ok.

After a whole lot of inquiry into my own patterns, some deep looks at my own core beliefs, I started to see that the boom and bust was something I internalized as normal as a child even though it was something I despised.

Have you internalized the idea that instability in some area of life is just… normal?

There are many modalities of therapy, energy work and creative living that can help you to override those core beliefs, but, more importantly, it’s so freeing to practice new beliefs that are far more empowering.  

Write them out, affirm them and practice them.

Check your space. 

Are you going backward into a mess of chaos that piles up as you move forward… only to have it blow up suddenly?

One big pattern I had was to do, do, do and then tend to the details later.

But the details never got tended to.  They got lost in a pile.  They built up and spilled over into a giant down slope of life.

Can you find ways to organize better to handle the busy times so they don’t topple you?

Yes, I know you can.

Also, check your people.

Do you have people that prop you up, inspire you and move you forward, or are you held back by people in your life?

There’s so much to be said for ending a rollercoaster caused by other people bursting your bubble and that rollercoaster ends when you decide it ends!

This vintage You Tube says so much about keeping your space ultra clear.  And moving your life on a track to higher.

Beneath it all, you have to feel deserving.  Deserving of love.  Deserving of the upswing that stays mainly on the up… and deserving of all the great things in the world.

You don’t need to change to be deserving.  You just have to allow it more and more every day.

Nothing is broken, nothing is less than, nothing is missing.

And everything can be simply just good.  And great. And better. And better.

xoxo Dana


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  1. Isabel

    What if you’re the passive agressive? I don’t i am, but i do talk about, a little too much, od things that happened to me that I didn’t like or acts that people had that weren’t that bad (some overreaction and things like that), but that do keep hanging on my mind. I need to change this.

    • danaclaudat

      It’s awesome to see how you can be the responsible party in a dynamic that repeats itself. I realized that when I was under a lot of stress some time ago that lot of anger I didn’t realize I had would really rise to the surface. Not only did I need to handle the stress, I had to get some help with working through the anger. It was a great decision. And I know you can change it!!! xoxo!!!


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