How Much Do You Use Intention To Shape Your Days?

Jul 24, 2017 | Creativity

How much do you use your intention to create your days?

How much do you actually believe that it’s possible?

Many of us fall into patterns where we move from cause to being the effect of life. While we can’t control what happens to us, we certainly can control our reaction to it if we exercise more of that intention.

It’s the difference between believing that life just happens and some of us are lucky and some aren’t and knowing that we are all here to create and make and participate in the way that life unfolds and life’s purpose is made manifest in the world.

Which one sounds better?!

Feng Shui is all about intention. Beyond color, shape, elements, bagua, placement, clearing, design, science and art it is all about intention. I know that with strong intention a space comes to life with all of it’s magic on blast. The same magic-making energy happens to us every day when we are really rooted in this practice of intention!


Are you using your intention to shape your days?

Do you feel excited, forward-looking, creative, clear and really able to visualize the way you would like to see things happen, even if they’ll happen differently? Do you feel confident, clear on plans (even if they change) and ready for every day?

The more I practice starting the day (or re-starting the day…!) with intention, the more than I realize in depth I can shape outcomes and be far more responsible for the way things happen.

Practicing intention is the core of pretty much everything that I do that I’m super-proud of, in love with and thrilled to make in the future.

Your energy flows where thoughts go. Where your energy flows things will grow.

So how do you practice intention? 

There are so many ways to practice intention, to make your life more clear, focused and powerful. They all start with you. It can be as simple as a decision- a powerful decision- to kick off the intention-setting wonder. All the rest of the tools of Feng Shui and science and more are helpful… but it all starts with YOU.

My own intention is most strong and clear when I have slept enough, when I am really well-nourished, when I give myself ample time and space to deeply engage with my spiritual practice which for me is Buddhist chanting early in the morning (as early as possible) and… when I have my cup of green tea!

Exercise, visualization, and even long breaks help me to feel even more energetically focused.

Do you have ways to gather up your magic that work for you? 

This Vintage You Tube is all about moving mountains with your mind, a real testament to powerful intention. People have been healed with intention. It’s made seeds grow faster, love appear swiftly and incredible amounts of positive change move forward…!

Feng Shui’d intention setting is super-fun. 

There are so many Feng Shui ways to heighten intention in every day.

Basically, all of Feng Shui is an exercise in intention.

Here are two mirror tricks that are very fun to energize and amplify all your creative energy…!

And there are literally thousands of tools and infinite ways to practice your own best intention setting.

The big deal is that we all practice.

Practice being cause instead of effect. Practice being focused instead of pulled in many directions. Practice seeing what you want and feeling it clearly. Practice going deeper into your own desires and bringing that energy to every day.

This is a life-changing practice and it’s possible to start right this second …!



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