7 Feng Shui Steps To Reorganize The Universe In Your Favor!

Jul 29, 2017 | Creativity


I am a big believer that we can’t force things to go just one way.

After suffering the huge stress of forcing things to go one way and seeing that even when successful, the stress was so unending that all of life collapsed under the weight of the pressure, I came to the now-practiced conclusion that maybe it’s best to keep in mind that there are so many ways that things can work out that are wonderful that maybe haven’t even been explored yet that it’s not beneficial to be too rigid.

That said, if you don’t take an active role in creating life, you will be the ping pong ball that’s bounced around endlessly, feeling the victim of circumstances, talking about what’s “realistic” and pretty much living as the effect instead of the cause of life.

While I don’t advocate deciding that every step of a process has to flow precisely as you wish it to, I am a huge believer in reorganizing the universe so it falls in our favor.

Today’s feng shui is all about shaping your whole life so it flows in a way that supports all the greatest outcomes, even ones you can’t imagine yet!

(plants galore)

Right now, my whole entire would is being reorganized in ways I had asked for but didn’t expenct to come so clearly.  More details to come as things unfold that can be useful for you as tools and ideas and inspiration and even science… but for now, let’s stick to the framework of the basic scenario:

  1. Life needs to change.
  2. You want the changes to work out in your favor.

Start with a solid foundation.  When you work with me or join the Camps you know I am passionate on building real change, not just moments of exhileration that may bring a quick result and then flame out.  Those moments are great, but we can’t count on them as an operating basis every day.  If you’re running around trying to deep focus and manifest every single thing every day as you want it to go without any sense of surrender, you’re likely expending a whole lot of energy on control and maybe not enough on FAITH.

Without a strong solid foundation, it takes a lot of effort and control to keep a house from crumbling.

Same goes for life.

Let the demons and secrets be free.  These days we can comment on other people’s lives (even strangers) on socal media and in life and feel very well informed of what part of the big picture they aren’t seeing and where they aren’t being transparent or honest or anything else… but that skill is best applied to ourselves.   Whatever habits, patterns, even things we seek to keep secret, about ourselves that we are somewhat aware of that linger in our lives… all create a form of clutter that makes it very hard to have a solid foundation in life.

A friend told me she’s less apt to confront something she’s fairly well aware of but willing to ignore unless she’s sure there’s a solution.  Now that she’s aware that there’s always a solution, it’s easier to dig in and be more open about what’s wrong in her world so it can be free to heal.

If you’re deeply reorganizing your life, this is a big deal.


Envision the big picture outcome.  See how, ultimately, you’d like things to turn out.  See it so clearly that it’s real. You know this… but really dig into it!

See what’s been stuck: here’s your focus. Whatever really needs to be reorganized, including your schedule, this is where things are amazing!  Dig into decluttering what’s stuck.  If you have probles with money, dive in. Love? Shine a light on it. Productivity? What does your desk look like.

Become decisive on what changes to make to create more freedom.  Make decision that completely move things forward.  That’s personal, what you decide, but know that it’s the kind of decision that motivates you into action!

Use what you have as a starting place.  Your starting place is always best with what you have.  If you need to invest in a whole lot of anything in order to make a step forward, it can be difficult.  After all, it’s a lot to take on something new and need a host of new equipment to get started… so… it’s tempting to not move forward.

Make it easier on yourself.  Use your resources to your advantage.

Do simple DIY projects, create simple decisions using what you have and see how many resources, including helpful people, you have as a network to build your dreams!

Invest yourself in organization.

If there’s ever a great place to spend your time in practical ways, it’s investing in organization.

Give yourself enough time to make things straight.

Organization is not putting things in little boxes or files.  It can be, in part…

But organization is something much bigger.

Make sure how you spend your days moves you toward what you want.  

Make sure how you spend your energy helps you to move forward. 

Whatever blocks that flow is where you can reorganize. 

This has been- for me- the crux of massive change.  Where your energy flows, your attention goes.



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