The Big Energy Trick To Taking Life To The Next Level

Jul 30, 2017 | Prosperity

Learn to love all sorts of chaos and you’re on your way to big things!

If you’re not a fan of chaos, you may not be a fan of change either. I mean, in theory, I know you’re a fan of positive change… but when that positive change kicks off lots of mess and chaos, you may not be such a fan.

What, then, do you do?

Retreat? Freak out? Wish you never started moving forward?

Hopefully not, but don’t be ashamed if you are so affected…

I can honestly say that’s how I lived for a lot of my life. Most of it. I avoided the kinds of changes that would kick off waves of chaos, showing me all the things that were either neglected, stuck, blocked or just not yet known or developed. I wasn’t able to stay grounded and calm and certain I could make it through the storm. And when change was foisted upon me, I felt like a victim rather than a person in the midst of a life experience where I had an opportunity to grow.

It took a lot to break that cycle and to practice another way of moving through changes. A way of change-making with more flow, more grace and even if it wasn’t or isn’t seamless, so much more presence and gratitude.

It makes the waves of change… really fun!

In the Camps we explore all these topics in great depth, but today’s video is all of the core principles that I have found vital to taking anything to the next level…!

Enjoy! xoxo Dana



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