Simple Home Projects Can Change Your Home & Boost Your Whole Life!

Aug 1, 2017 | Home Style


A few tiny upgrades in your space are amazing are life-changing.

A few tiny upgrades in your life are life-changing.

For ten years I have seen this profoundly, and lived it over and over again.

You don’t need drills, saws, special equipment or anything else in order to make a home & life change today.

There are so so so many ways to to make changes in a space, and today, as I get ready to move into a new home (omg, there are so many things to share in the coming months!!!)

I thought it would be the perfect time to explore the power of tiny home upgrades to elevate your life!

IKEA wonders:   I am absolutely obsessed with the bamboo shelving collection from IKEA for bathrooms which includes these amazing triangular shelves to fit around vintage pedestal sinks, fabulous towel racks and more. It’s quite life changing to shave space for what you need without a visual overload of products.

My new bathroom features a lot of vintage pink and black tiles, so the bamboo will be utterly balancing.

If you want to know more about feng shui’d bathrooms, you can start HERE:

More of a brilliant bathroom awaits you!!!

At places like IKEA you can find even more that can inspire a change in your home. While I haven’t shopped IKEA in a while, three key pieces of the new house transformation are waiting for me!


KNOBS AND PULLS: Oh the brilliant change that’s made with some new doorknobs. Think of it: doorknobs are an access point to your stuff. They are simple transformation. And some geodes and other crystals as doorknobs… well… we are talking major energy upgrades here!!!

While in some places it can be difficult to replace door handles, in others, it’s relatively easy… and almost anyone can install new knobs in moments!

SOFT CRAFTS: Macrame is a real trend that is not going anywhere. I am relatively obsessed with the softness and the powerful beauty of the knots. While you can hang rugs and tapestries on walls for instant softness and fluidity, I love knit and knotted macrame. The video above makes something relatively complex seem very easy… and less than $20 to complete!!!   Hang these in any room that needs some “personal touch”.

(my domaine)

WALLPAPER : it is a huge transformation.

In our era of peel-and-stick papers, there is no reason why you can’t have the most gorgeous walls anywhere, even in a rental.

My tip for peel-and-stick wallpaper is to go fantastical and keep the area small. I love the wild effects of a gorgeous pattern that justifies the time and energy and expense of the paper… but a full room of that wildness will be overwhelming. Use the high-style-filled papers judiciously to create a fresh look, and peel it off once you are done!

This type of decor treatment can reinvent the story of a room and totally shift the energy of a home without any of the hassle of traditional wall glue.

The reasons for a small shift at home are many… and the results of adding your care, attention and detail to even the smallest of knobs or the simplest of shelves is enormous in terms of making a Tao connection to your space.

This is where the power comes from… and this is where life springs to life!!!

What could use a bit of a lift or a makeover?

It’s time to get excited about the new space and new you that you’re creating every day in every way!

Enjoy this immensely!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Suzie

    Nicely timed!! I am just rearranging furniture which will freshen up one room and redefine the use of two others.

    • danaclaudat

      This is awesome!!! These switches make such a difference- I hope you love the changes you’re making!!!

  2. mary

    Hi Dana…
    Loved ur bathroom video today.
    Whose the cutey pie doing the macrame?
    I like her energy.

    • danaclaudat

      A blogger on you tube I don’t know personally, but the video is so fun! And I’m so glad you enjoyed!!!


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