Handling Big Times Of Change With As Much Ease As Possible!

Aug 3, 2017 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101


Today I wanted to talk today about the turning of lemons into lemonade.  The transformation of circumstances.  The cocoon turning into a butterfly.  The way that we can all take what we aren’t thrilled with and use it as raw material to create what we love.

Today’s feng shui is all about riding the waves of change and making the most of situations to steer life into constant, awesome & exciting evolution. 

Here’s the wish for you, no matter when you need it:

Make the time ahead, no matter what, a time to transform.

Some are small transformations— making a job better, making a new style choice, taking a small risk— and some are enormous— moving through a crisis, huge life upheaval or something else that feels like it landed on you without your consent.

I’ve been in every one of the above and many more and I inagine you have as well.  And chances are that if this topic caught your eye you’re in the middle of one of the above right now.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have, after years of seemingly non-stop crisis, found better ways that work for me to navigate the wild turns in fate.

1. Double down on faith. If your faith in yourself, the universe or anything else isn’t strong enough, now’s the time to work on that trust and surrender in action…!

2. Invest in self-love. Too busy to take care of yourself is a recipe for collapse in my experience over the last 12 years. Stressful times call for more and more self love.

3. Eliminate the darkness.  Light up your sage wands and make choices to stay in the positive as you go, every day, step by step.

4. See your life in YOUR best way.  Please don’t get involved in the criticisms or fears of expectations of others, as that tends to overcomplicate and screw up the flow of life, you know?!

And now…meet a small section of my new house.

If you live in LA, you know that finding a place to either rent or buy right now is like finding a special speck of dust in a giant forest. There’s almost nothing, prices are 2x what they were even 6 months ago… and the fight to get a space with people who are overbidding on even rentals is outrageous.

I wasn’t planning on moving.  I had no choice in the matter as it all shook out.  I did everything- including 8 hours of research and alternative planning- to not have to leave my home now, but… it was the only choice.

So: faith. I left my house to drive to my Buddhist temple. I knew that there had to be a good reason for this in the busiest season of the busiest year and in the midst of major creativity I can’t interrupt.  But somehow it would be. I stopped for a moment to look at the place I almost moved into 3 1/2 years ago.  It was on my way. It was such a close decision threre and a half years ago to move there or not, and I wanted to find something just like that place that has only been up for rent a few times in 20 years.

There was a sign out front!  I called.  And the same unit was there, the same exact one from 3 1/2 years ago.  I took the snapshot above that same day when I ran up the stairs to see it again.

Now: love.  I needed to pile on the love in the days that ensued.  Sleep, prayer, food, vitamins… it’s very unnerving to know that there’s a situation of such high stress looming, and all I could do was stay with faith and positive action. It took a whole lot to take care of myself and my life in the days between.  Not going to sugar-coat this: if I stopped with the self-care I felt overcome with the overwhelm.  So I stayed in that self-love.

Eliminating the darkness was so critical.  Instead of allowing any negativity into my space, I just kept insisting that everything was perfectly fine.  I tuned out of social media.  I followed every tool of The Joy Immersion that came to mind and kept myself in the clearest space.  I saw art, I saw friends, I spent extra time in the Cash Camp group, I made plans…

The best way I could see life was that I could surrender, stop fighting the circumstances and imagine that it would all work out… somehow.  I was prepared to keep looking even though a 1600 sq ft perfect place doesnt come around every day… I was prepared to move far, to airbnb, to buy a house in the desert… I saw all the ways this could be a fantastic thing… and I stayed open to it all.

3 and 1/2 years later, I am returning to the place that I wasn’t ready for yet…

And… it is awesome!!!

Let the new adventures begin.

I am not saying this worked in my favor despite the odds because of my specialness, or techniques… but I am absoutely certain that no matter what it would have worked out somehow.  And I spared myself a total meltdown (which I, too, am just as capable of experiencing as anyone else!) by actually practicing what I teach and share in a visceral way.

It could have gone a million ways and I realize that’s true of every single day.  My work has been to stay humble, to stay in exploration and to stay ready to find solutions.  I don’t delude myself that everything is easy-breezy and a high-vibe life (or anything else) is without challenges of all sizes.

There are still so so so many challenges and so much to do every day… but now I am doubling down on the self-love, spiritual practice and yes, planning.

The feng shui this season is going to be so viscerally real to me… and I can’t wait to share it!!!

Here we go…!

Any time- no matter what is happening cosmically, politically, emotionally, financially – is a potential time to move from what’s unwanted to much more of what you want, you know?

It’s all a decision.  Some are made for you, and the task is to unwind the metamorphosis in the most positive light.  Some are made by you, and the things to do are to navigate any twists and turns as the new era unfolds without retreating backward.

I do some form of this every single day.  This just happened to be a good story to share, but there’s always something to stretch, grow, improve, discover…or repair, heal, unwind…

One thing I will stick to: keep choosing the light.  The light makes things so much easier than the dark.

With enormous gratitude, I am wishing you seasons of amazing transformation in all awesome ways!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. mary

    Thanks for always sharing ur unvarnished journey with us.
    You are the real deal and I appreciate you very much.
    I’ve been following you since 2012. Thank you. mary

    • danaclaudat

      Mary, I am beyond honored. So much love to you. Thank you so much!!! xoxo!!!

  2. Myra

    Congratulations for your new place!!
    Looks amazing, cozy, enlightened and peaceful.

    Now it is time to make out of it an oasis to call home.

    • danaclaudat

      Thank you so much Myra! Almost unpacked fully then we get to the feng shui! i’m going to be sharing lots of videos, and doing a lot of DIY in the upcoming Love Camp, too. So exciting and I so appreciate the well-wishes!!! xoxo!!!


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