Feng Shui To Allow “Good Vibes Only” Into Life!

Aug 5, 2017 | Creativity

(my cozy retreat)

While I don’t try to get it perfect, I always strive for “Good Vibes Only” in my home.

The highest energy is always the best choice!

While life is not a festival of exclusively unicorns and rainbows, for all the many times we have a choice— dark or light, uplifting or depressing, active or stagnant, pressure or ease— the choice is always life-changing.

Today’s Feng Shui idea is one that is a classic… and when applied to your energy and your home’s energy, it can be super-incredibly-powerful.

Filter out the negativity like sunglasses filter sun or your water-purification system pulls out the chemicals from your water. It’s incredible the vitality, agility, flexibility and seemingly much more “good luck” you’ll find when you’re not unnecessarily letting the things that bring you down into your life.

Today, I reinstated my Good Vibes Only filter on it’s highest power!

And, for good reason.

When it’s busiest, most action-packed, most filled with deadlines, a “good vibes only” filter can be your salvation.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s say you put a filter on your computer browser that turned angry people in the news causing trouble that is only annoying to read but otherwise of little consequence into baby animal photos. That would be great, right? I imagine you’d have less of a mood dive than seeing headlines that are inflammatory, filled with outrage and the like.

Yes, it’s great and vital to stay informed, but we are, dare I suggest, possibly over-informed. Over-taxed with information, communication, news by the hour, updates breaking by the minute.

Then we have our lives. And friends. And work. And….

By the end of the day, who has time for themselves? For dreams? For love? For adventure?

YOU DO. You really do.

The minute you decide that you are reclaiming the energetic boundaries of your life, you have time for all of the above and a whole lot more.

Bring more “Good Vibes Only” energy into your life every day!

Start with a powerful decision. Decide that you’re in charge of the energy that you allow to stay in your space. Decide that you are the creator of your life experience. Decide every day on the greatness that lies ahead. This is always my favorite:

A clear policy. Policy seems like a harsh word, but it’s the best way to describe the behavioral choices that I’ve found I need to make crystal clear when I feel my life is being dragged down by heaviness.

Simple policies have been the difference between sink and swim in my busiest days. If you know where you’re losing steam or feel your energy dropping, you likely know what habits you can drop out in the spirit of making a huge positive change. For me lately:

No reading x,y,z on the Internet. 

Social media diets. News diets. 

Get up and take a walk before sitting and chatting on the phone. 

White light. This is one of the easier ways to “protect” your energy in a symbolic way. Imagine that you are surrounded by a glowing bubble of white or golden light that floods the space around you, uplifting everything everywhere you go. Set an intention that this white light only lets in the good stuff and helps you to navigate through challenges without feeling drained. you can do it any time, no special skills required… and it is awesome!

Celebration. Something as simple as giving yourself a gift, celebrating the un-celebrated, taking the day off as a reward… or something as big as a massive adventure or anything else… you decide. But do decide! Celebration is a huge dose of creative energy to move your life forward!

These steps are easy but I dare say it took me about 4 years to get to celebration of some things, so, let’s just say, we could all use permission to allow ourselves to be happier!!!

And… with that… I am wishing you so much of the rainbows and unicorns and everything else that is delightful… and that all the challenges become springboards to even more greatness…!



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