An Instant Way To Move Past Self-Sabotage & Feeling Stuck!

Aug 6, 2017 | Prosperity


What if it was easier to move through obstacles? What if it wasn’t so deeply convoluted to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Those were my thoughts non-stop, and the more I contemplated why I was stuck… it’s a non-stop spiral of reasons why NOT to to things.

When I first learned about Mel Robbins and her 5-Second Rule it was so so simple and so motivating…and, wow does it work.

Moving energy is what creates life in Feng Shui. Static energy is where the energy sinks and things get stuck.

It’s what gets me driving through LA in the middle of the night when I have an idea to test it by getting supplies in the hardware store, why I started reaching out and sending people messages that I’ve always wanted to meet when I’m walking through my day and get so inspired… It’s what makes me so excited about writing in airport waiting areas, dictating ideas into a recorder while I’m waiting in lines…

There are so many opportunities I’ve missed because I waited… because I was on autopilot or thought it was better to stick to what I was used to doing…

It’s interesting that I am very opposed to “force” (the word choice used below) but here, it’s a vocabulary choice. It’s more of a challenge and a stretch. It’s inspired action. It’s different from trying to drag yourself through life in punishment. This is all about excitement and that’s high enough to make a change.

Say yes to your ideas. Act on your dreams right away. Move instead of sitting still. Keep the energy around you clean and clear.

This video is the kind of practical motivation (use of the word “force” qualified above) that moves mountains and gets things zooming forward…!

Have so much fun breaking out of what you’ve become used to that you don’t want and into the new that you do want!

xoxo Dana

P.S.: If you’re ready to take the energy around you to the next level, detox the negativity and make space for joy, the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox is here for you.

THE JOY IMMERSION is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days. It’s loaded with lots of actions that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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