Are You Dealing With A Lot Of Uncertainty?

Aug 9, 2017 | Creativity


I am not a fan of too many unknown variables. I like being settled- especially at home.

As I type this I am in the middle of a very unexpected move and while I am certain that it’s exciting and for the very best in every way… my mind has been caught racing to… will the touch-ups be done in time, how to move appliances the best way, the installations, what about colors, should I rush into new lighting… 

I had to stop myself several times in the heat of the swirling uncertainty on so many elements that I fely like my mind was short-circuiting.

I recalibrated myself, I made big decisions, and I keep finding more and more grateful reasons to be thrilled for this new chapter!

After all, in the midst of this I have people to give undivided attention to, I have a world that doesn’t stop because my coordinates change on the globe!

If you’ve been feeling too much uncertainly, today’s feng shui is all about the energy of certainty that comes from within. 

(via. so looking forward to hanging plants in the bathroom!)

Uncertainty creates this odd sense of floating… you know?  It’s like floating in anxiety.  And it’s really not a place that I can operate from.

It pulled back into my life a host of fears and reasons I used to want to retreat, hold myself back and even sabotage my life so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the feeling.

Start showing up more.  

Someone sent me a picture of me eight months out of college.  I was 35 lbs overweight after two months of taking antidepressants. I had yellow-blonde hair.  I didn’t know it was me!  I kept asking… wait… is… this… me?   I used to live in a zone of disconnect where I feared change and uncertainty enough that I wanted to vanish.  Whether in anorexia as a kid, in antidepressants for that season, in toxic relationships for a long time… I wanted to vanish because the actual pressure that the uncertainty of life was causing me was too much to bear.

I learned to show up in yoga classes I did twice a day to start connecting to my body.  I learned to show up in prayer.  I learned to show up in the face of pressure, grief, stress…

I started to see that showing up was actually how things got sorted out somewhat magically.  However you can connect to life more, to your body more, to the day and the Earth more… it’s so worthwhile.

Let any chaos be a lesson and an opportunity. 

Every step into the wilds of freedom after being stuck in some way comes with it many variables. It’s like opening that junk drawer after years of filling it with stuff only to see that there’s a spilling out of junk everywhere pulling your attention in a zillion directions.  Stuffed away unfinished projects, old memories, old ideas, things to deal with that feel super-heavy… the trauma that was never fully resolved, the organization that was never organized…

Imagine how much better life will be without all that stuffed and stuck stuff?!

How is it’s possible that I have literally bags-upon-bags of donations already and I didn’t have obvious clutter in my space OR my closets?   It can be mind-boggling to realize just how little you really need or truly want.  For the first time this am I am even thinking of a getting new mattress and bed…!

Some things need to find their own place in their own time.

I’ve observed: If you’re forcing order on chaos, chances are that it will be super-hard. If you’re allowing for more order and moving through things as they present themselves… it’s likely a lot easier.

I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I might not have a new dining table for a few weeks until I find the right one,  the home projects that I wanted to be instant may, in full, take about 2 months to complete and my own feng shui, yet, still, will be awesome because I am taking action.

It’s the same for you—once you open the doors to making positive changes you don’t need to have every step of the process complete to reap the energetic benefits!!!

Now, in the new space, I am building the most solid foundation possible before moving in. Clearing clutter, space clearing, green cleaning, radical home energizing.

The rest will fill itself in.

Focusing in on your foundation can solve lots of problems because a solid foundation makes everything much easier… Doing things like organizing your finances, clearing closets, taking great care of yourself… all make life so much easier in times of uncertainty or certainty!


I develop more trust and faith these days as I go, and maybe you do, too?

I have a ways to go in the trust department… but wow from the days of self-loathing and total terror and trauma until now… it’s such a huge shift I literally don’t recognize myself.

Trusting myself more and more.  Trusting the process even more.  Trusting the right people to arrive to do their right jobs when hired.  Trusting the next things, the next steps, will all unfold.

I develop trust in life in the doing of it… in the envisioning of things and, most powerfully, in the surrender.

Letting go of the fears, letting go of the worries, letting go of the swirling wonders and wanting to control every step the way it seems most ideal and instead taking things as they come…

Each and every time it all gets exhaled, it seems to get sorted out faster.

Actually, you can try some of the following to create more calm surrender…

  • Relaxed breathing and exhaling for longer than you inhale. Twice as long if possible.
  • Visualization to calm your mind.  I love these very much.  
  • Natural Calm Magnesium drink.
  • And, for me, deep immersion in spiritual practice which is where I am headed right now for 3 hours!

Whatever is feeling uncertain will become certain… and you can direct the outcome without controlling it, enhance your days without needing to vanish from them and so much more… true… brilliant…trust!

Remember that something totally amazing is always about to happen!



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