Polish The Mirror Of Your Life And Everything Will Change!

Aug 19, 2017 | Feng Shui 101

When you resonate with the philosophy that life is your mirror, it is so empowering.  You can change within and watch the world change around you without shortcuts or tricks.  It’s a long-lasting change.  It’s real, it’s deep and it’s progressively big.

I’ve also found at times it’s tricky to actually find within my mind and soul the things that have been distorted, blocked or evading my notice.   You may be just like me in this regard – you enjoy seeing where you can grow and when you hit upon a habit or an issue that pops up a lot, you’re ready to take it on and change it.  But, if you’re like me, you’ve likely missed a few things that only become clear when they are glaringly big and staring me in the face.

That’s where your home is magic.  You can see- reflected in your home- many of the things that have been neglected, blocked or stuck.  You can see themes, patterns, clutter, things swept under the rug.

When you change yourself on the inside, the conditions of life around you and your home will change.

When you change life on the outside, all around you, it can prompt changes in your self-awareness and self-growth, supporting your deepest desires to be self-actualized and live up to your vast potential!

Here’s a recent example of the mirror effect that quite-literally involved mirrors. This does not need to involve mirrors, it can be anything from junk drawers to a messy desk to a leak at home that are reflecting things that can be easily shifted. :

In my old home I had very few mirrors and no mirrors where I could see more than just my head, really.  While that’s certainly not a bad thing in general, I noticed something happen to me in this home that I never experienced before.  As much as I am comfortable with being seen online and sharing my work passionately and all that good stuff, I shirked, exponentially, from being seen in public.  While I wasn’t in hiding by any means, I rarely wore any of the wild spectrum of dresses I love, opting for jeans or yoga pants almost every day, and not even in a stylish way.  I found myself less likely to go out.  I even got my hair cut less and stopped caring much about what I looked like.

While none of this is intrinsically bad, it’s very weird for me- someone who did a thesis on fashion at Stanford and wore heels to class at 7am while everyone biked around.  I worked in fashion, I lived in fashion and I have never been without style of my own until… the three years of living there…

It just… wasn’t me…

When I moved, I thought I would instantly cover the gorgeous giant mirrors in my bedroom on the doors.  I typically don’t like them but these are really good mirrors. Mirrors in bedrooms have all these ” bad feng shui” connotations but none are necessarily real in my experience and teaching.  So, I moved in. And left the mirrors for now as I planned to cover them.

In the last three days, even exhausted from a move and so focused on other things, I love getting dressed up.  I’ve found myself more social, more grounded in public spaces, more pulled together and organized than ever.

I am going to hold off on covering those mirrors, and when they do get covered, a full length mirror will still be available.

That’s my latest experience.  It was a big one.

How does your home mirror your life?  Can you see or feel how the two are linked? 

While you can use the tools of feng shui to learn how to specifically adjust the mirror of your life, for now, if you want to actually polish your mirrors today, that’s a great start in physical space.  Clean your house to take it to the next level.  To go further, decide to love your space more and you’ll find more love for yourself.  The inner critic shuts down and the inner admirer of beauty, the gratitude, the details that stand out as super-lovely— they all emerge clearly!

If you want to have real fun with mirrors, there are some mirror tricks to try today that are so fun, they’re even, dare I say it, exhilarating!

Have fun with this, flooding your home and life with super-positive energy that is uplifting and exciting, and a radical path to living the life of your dreams!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Maureen

    Thank you for this. I have never seen a post like this and this past year I realized at this late age , that I have real issues with avoiding mirrors. Lots of Adult child issues have come up since I retired 8 months ago and everyday I work at seeing more clearly, thru posts like yours .
    Again , Thank you !

    • danaclaudat

      I’m hnored that the post sparked some realizations for you. There are some really fun exercises with mirrors, to get to love them again, in a profound way. My favorites are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp9UAicHhTU
      This message is also a gift to me- confirmation that I will hold off longer on covering my own bedroom giant mirrored doors in my new home 🙂


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