Five Feng Shui Ways To Design A Home Where You Will Thrive!

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You don’t need to be an interior designer to have a great space that works for you.

And in feng shui, your space really does “work” for you.  It’s empowering, it’s full of flow, your mind feels clear and you feel supported and loved… all from being at home!

When you have this kind of love in your home, it translates into your life in spectacular ways.

Let’s bring on the thriving feng shui’d home design today!

In The Cash Camp and my DIY feng shui guide we explore ways to design with intention that are extensive and increasingly more specific, do-it-yourself friendly and all that exciting home transformation jazz that requires little $$$ and very basic skill.   While I’m not opposed to luxury in the slughtest, I also realize that it is never wise to spend cash on things that are more powerful when made by hand or creatively customized.

That said, these design ideas are all big concepts.  You can fill in the blanks with whatever ideas or goodies you have on hand or can make or get easily to create a more thriving space where life expands!


Dining Tables with clarity and personality.   I used to work on my dining room table and the result was a mashup of consfusion, less proper meals and, the greatest thing I noticed: even when I did have people over, I felt like I was still at work and we were at my desk.

If you only have room for a tiny bar table or a small counter, relish it, keep it clear and use textures like lively placemats, gorgeous art or a wildly crafty lamp (how cool is this soft pendant chandelier above?!) that all feel very welcoming and elevating.


Outdoor space gets simplified and illuminated.  Think: clean lines and bright light.  LED lanterns and twinkle lights are amazing for your outdoor space, as are metallic pots and clean lines.  The more you simplify and dazzle your outdoor space with small details, the more room you will have to relax.  Of curse there is always room for wild color, but think “simplified” for the choices you put on the patio so Nature can shine!


Explore pastels as a neutral.  Neutral walls, pillows, chairs… we have so many greys and browns and beiges… but the hues I find most mind-clearing, surprising and refreshing are pastels.  My office space is becoming a study in pastels and white.  It helps me to think and curate and feel constantly fluffed up energetically.  Can you trade in beiges for a new pastel wall color, pillows or rug?


I can’t say enough about handmade goodies.  Presently, I am searching for the wood to make a loom to create a wall-hanging like yoo see above for my living room.  Handmade pillows, throws and knit blankets are all an instantly compelling design choice filled with empowerment.


 And… meditative space always wins.  Whether it’s outside or inside, a space to zone out and tap into higher realms of energy will set you free in incredible ways.  Not everyone meditates in the same way.  I visualize things while kicking back on a sofa.  I also have an altar with a stack of floor pillows for my Buddhist practice.  And… there’s meditative “chill-zone” space outside.  Where and how can you customize this for yourself?!

These easy concepts can inspire you to re-hang some art, fluff up your color scheme, get some art supplies and make yourself more at home!  When you connect to home deeply, your home will give you tremendous amounts of power – and bliss- in return!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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