Setting Intentions That Come To Life!

Aug 22, 2017 | Creativity

Setting intentions that come to life are a big part of Feng Shui.

It’s the million-billion dollar soulmate secret paradise of awesomeness question:

How do you set an intention that comes to life?

It was a very amazing and provocative question posed yesterday.

I realized when I read this question just how many methods and how much of the specifics surround intention-setting abound… and how confusing this is!!! There are schools of thought, philosophies, rituals and even religious tenants surrounding how one should wish for what they want. In fact, I listed out in my mind such an overwhelming amount of data I’ve heard, read or tried surrounding manifesting wishes and setting intentions, I felt exhausted!

If you have a best method, ritual or philosophy, I say, run with it!!! What works for you is what is best for you!!!

Complex things don’t work for me, and I find I’m less apt to do something if there are lots of complexities involved. And, maybe you feel the same?

So, if you don’t already have a best way to set your own intentions, how do you set an intention that comes to life in a way that is simple and yet full of power? 

Here’s what I do when I am setting a big intention. When I sat down to observe my own process I realize there are four things I do almost automatically now and they are all super simple.

I clear my mind so I know I’m not being reactive and wishing for what I don’t want. Example: if I have a present time issue that needs to be taken care of or a full to-do list, I usually take care of it or finish things first.

Your intention is your energy and emotion focused toward something- or a state of being (i.e.: love, financial freedom, greater wellness)- that you want.

The more clear my thoughts are, the more I can embrace what I actually want and bring it to life. My mind can race in many directions if I am not focused fully, so I personally like to do this intention setting with a clear mind.

How you clear your mind is an individual choice- be it meditation, prayer, exercise, housecleaning or anything else that helps you feel focused.

I state it clearly.  Typically I make a list of what I want or need and keep it with my to-do list or calendar for every day. There’s no big trick to this in my life.

I just write out what I want or need with as many details as possible so I am clear about what I am looking to make or do. Details may be my only real personal requirement for list writing.

The way I see it, if someone you didn’t know very well hired you and sent you out to shop for the perfect purse for them and didn’t tell you what size, color, brand or price they wanted, do you think you’d have an easy time finding one to fit the bill and satisfy the person you were shopping for?

Details save time, focus energy and make it a lot easier to find success in my personal experience. Details are also way more exciting.  “A pile of jewel tone silk pillows in a rainbow of hues” is a lot more exciting than “lots of pillows” isn’t it?!

I practice it in vision, feeling and words. This is easy, fun and revitalizing. I don’t get obsessive, but I use visions or journalling to keep my eye on the proverbial prize and keep my energy flowing and directed.

Usually I think, say or write down what I imagine my life to be like when this energy or stuff I need has arrived. Sometimes I take breaks in the day to visualize things done beautifully.

Sometimes, I write it out as though it’s all here- every one of my wishes- and things feel fantastic.

It’s a pray rain type of journalling and it is so happy-making in the process of creatively writing the future! You can learn more here:

Feeling like this is fun yet?!

If it’s not fun, you may want to walk away and set intentions when you’re feeling better and enjoying it more. We have so much work to do in our days, why don’t allow wishing and planning the future to be a great, joyous adventure?!   Maybe take a nap, see friends, have some fun, eat something delicious…. then head back to it later when it feels far more fun?!

Or, just allow yourself to get into the big dreaming and having fun with setting your heart on what you want right now…with no forcing required!!!

One vital note:

  • You can not do this wrong.
  • You can’t “mess up” on intention setting.
  • You can do this all in your own way.
  • And you can do nothing more than stand up right now and say what you want and go and get it. Just like that. Boom!  

You are that powerful. 

What I find is the vital ingredient in setting intentions for myself, though, is something that feels incredible and changes my every day.

Pile on the love.  

Nothing feels good without love.

Nothing works as easily without love.

Love is the energy that makes all kinds of magic happen, particularly things that are greater and more magnetic than you possibly would have ever imagined.

Love your life, love yourself, love the people who have done you wrong (maybe even from a safe distance!) and love your mission and all the facets of bringing it to life! Even the challenges are something to love!

If you’re feeling stuck in the love department- whether it’s relationship stress, struggles with self-esteem, out-of-whack in your self-care or any other type of frustration that’s blocking life from soaring high and light and free- you can clear those blocks! The clutter, the anger, the stagnation and everything else lingering that’s not LOVE that drags you down can go… now!

You are so worthy of everything you desire!



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