Melt The Creative Blocks Standing Between You And All You Want!

Aug 22, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

Creativity and Connection and Love and Money = all are seated in the same place in our energy.

Some call it the Second Chakra.  You can read more about it here.  Chakras are energy centers in the body. They can be balanced and they can be cleared and they can be supported in awesome ways.  The same chakra of the body corresponds to creativity, money, sex, love and confidence.   That’s pretty spectacular, right?

It also means that when your creativity is blocked chances are that the love, money, sex and confidence is your life can be wobbly, too.

While I love chakra feng shui and I share it often, on a daily basis I find there’s an action that supercedes all the external space-balancing when things are off.

I call the energy of the second chakra- the creative, love, passion, prosperity center-  my magic.

Chances are, that’s how you feel it, in some way, as well.

When things are flowing in your days and momentum is growing and you feel connected and vibrant and you can move mountains with your mind and the right people fall in place and even your hair looks perfect and it’s just such a divine time….

You know those times, I am sure.  Life feels totally enchanted.

It’s not magic of the sort where luck is bestowed upon you, though.  It’s magic you make. And you can make more of it any time you need it.

Here’s a wild truth for me that may be true for you, too.

If you’re blocked creatively, it’s harder to get what you want.

It just is.

I can tell you when I feel off I don’t want to touch my phone, I am not even interested in cooking and I love to cook, I avoid the computer, I surf too long online researching information I likely don’t need to know…

And usually, after a mild amount of malaise and a minor freak out about why nothing is exciting, I realize I need to go for a hike, take a bath, hit the Korean spa, schedule a vacation or go see some art.  Or… something else… something that serves the purpose of filling me up with freshness.

Love is the answer.

The greatest creative block- the block that creates fear, that allows anxiety to take over, that nails procrastination in place, that drains the inspiration from a day- is a lack of love.

It’s no surprise why great artists throughout history have had lovers who were their muses, who sometimes indulged in lifestyles that filled them with bliss, who embraced unconventional lifestyles for the service of their art. And their passion.

Love is the answer.

If you’re blocked, love will set you free.  If you’re lacking confidence, love will prop you up.  If you’re not sure where to begin, love will open up your instinct to take the next steps.

It’s all a force of love, all the creativity in the world.

So, if you’ve had blocks in the way, standing between you and all you want… how can you light yourself up with enough love to start melting those blocks or leaping beyond them?

You don’t need luck.  Just love.

Creative power will follow.

That’s some very simple feng shui to start supercharging every area of your life… and it’s available to all of us, right now.

xoxo Dana

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