Feng Shui To Break Through The Blocks To Making Dreams Come True

Aug 26, 2017 | Creativity


If your life isn’t reflecting the dreams and actions your pouring into it every day, each day that passes it becomes easier to say that something is broken.

And, nothing is broken. Really, it isn’t.

Sometimes you just need to gather your energy back up and refocus on what you want. At times the re-gathering takes longer than others. At times, the refocusing feels weird because it’s so different from what you’ve been used to doing…

But, it always works.

There are so many ways your environment- and all the feng shui of the ancients and modern times- can support you in getting past this. But, I have found, none of it works until you really reset yourself and the energy around you so that you are actually creating what you want… not what hasn’t arrived yet!

If you’re done with a stressful pattern of seeing what you don’t want everywhere around you despite your best efforts, it may be time to shower some love and a fresh start on your wishes and dreams!

I’ve lived this. Too many times. Saying things like…

Something is wrong with my energy. I am broken. It’s my parents fault. It’s my mental programs. I need to find the secret. I need to be saved. I am missing something. Maybe I’m cursed? 

Have you been there? Wishing, wanting, feeling, imagining, doing all the right things it seems that you’re told will help it happen…?

This feeling has driven me toward ideologies and people who claim to have all the answers. As a result I wound up in very bad shape, because none of the answers worked. With each healer to clear energy blocks, psychic to clarify what was coming and reassure me it was there and ideology that impressed upon me that if I followed every step I would get what I wanted… I got worse. Sick, broke, alone, shattered, traumatized.

It took a long time for me to see that all my searching for answers was a way of avoiding life. Avoiding heartbreak, vulnerability, wearing my heart on my sleeve, maybe failing, maybe being rejected, doing what mattered most.

There’s something huge that got me out of the days of broken, stuck and searching everywhere for someone with a magic wand to come and rescue me.

Have you been in that place where nothing seems to move life forward and it just won’t budge?

There’s a thinking that has damned me many times:

If it hasn’t arrived it means you are blocking it. 

That’s only part true.

And I let that whole idea go.

Think of all the things at play when you’re living a dynamic life:

There’s timing involved. There’s actions that can be changed — I mean, doing more aerobics when aerobics aren’t helping fix your injury won’t create the solution, you know? And there’s focus.And there’s karma, all the thoughts, words and actions leading up to this moment. There are other people involved, and their wishes and wants and karmic lives, too.

All of my own self-condemnation and ambient worry that I was broken in some way had loaded up on me like an overwhelming pile of more confusion and self-condemnation.

It had to change.

I needed a fresh start.

If you have hit that resounding point… or you’re just tired of idling despite working so hard to create positive change … you might find something new- and simple, and practical- here for you.

Resetting myself and my space proved to be a supernaturally huge fresh start. In that fresh start I could finally see things for what they were. I could get my soul back. I could get to my center.  I found solutions that were so basic and not at all wizardry and blind faith.

Deeply clear space. I’m reminded of this as I just let go of about 300 lbs of stuff- furniture, home stuff, unnecessary paperwork and so much more- in a big move that I didn’t expect. For someone who is a champion of lighter living, I can’t believe the heaviness that was needlessly hanging around. Moral of the story: there’s always space to clear.

Energetically, you can clear your own space. Burning some sage is the simplest and most culturally relevant method of the moment, and there are deeper ways to clear space that are equally simple.

You can make choices that take care of what’s out of whack most immediately. Because I resisted having a “day job” in my wild years of being a multi-hyphenate artist, and what I needed most at the time was money and stability and simple things like health insurance and vacation days, I found myself floundering. A simple choice to still keep creating but to get a great day job opened the doors to so much. It’s interesting how easy some solutions are that we push away or say are impossible.

You can revamp your wish list and see what is is you can create next that prepares you for something bigger. A weekend photo trip is an easier to conceive event for many than a year-long photo expedition around the world. Those weekend trips can build momentum to the big one… and the best part? You’ll be doing what you want to do… and immersed in the process, expanding it as you go. Needed it all to happen instantly can be a huge form of self-sabotage, so instead of scaling back on dreams, maybe find a step to take toward them that is big enough and yet doable in the very near future!

Stay supported. This is where home is a practical magic tool of incredible transformation. Your environment can keep your mind fixed on positivity. It can remind you of your aims. If can tell a story that you’re aspiring to and move you forward in more creative power.

Support yourself in yourself in your life with only the most true and 100% committed people around you.And support yourself in your home with only the most love-filled of everything everywhere you look!

If I catch myself in a rare moment of falling into an abyss of what hasn’t happened yet, what I haven’t manifested and things that are wrong, I stop myself in my tracks now. I let myself release all the emotions. I let it all go. And clear. And handle stuff. And fluff up my home. And get into all the spiritual and creative practices that lift my days higher.

We’re all so different, and what unsticks me may not be in full what unsticks you, but I hope even a piece of it may help you to get off the train of “this just isn’t working” if you are feeling stuck and back on the rocket toward your dreams come true! That decision to move toward what is going right… it is the greatest game-changer!



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