Feng Shui To Put Yourself First And Elevate Your Whole Life In The Process!

Aug 28, 2017 | Creativity


Making more energy, luck, love and happiness… it’s all of our superpowers.  We can create life to fuel us, to lift us higher and to supercharge every day.

But then… there’s time.

As in “I don’t have the time!”

Sound familiar?

Having more time for ourselves is a trick for many of us.

It’s led me to experiment with staying up later at times, or rising super-early at others to carve out my own time.  It’s brought me into experimental naps, meditation breaks and attempts at multitasking. I’ve tried exercises, I’ve tried tips and I’ve tried massive shifts in how I spend my days.

After all my trials and putting me first I realized that it wasn’t just a set of specific tricks that put me first… it was an all-encompassing lifestyle.  It was true self-love in action.

For me… I need to have time in order to be creative and feel like myself in all of my life.  It’s not about just how I structure my day, it’s about how I prioritize my life.

I have seen this is the case for just about everyone I have ever worked with and everyone I love and admire— building more self-love into life as a lifestyle creates so much more time and so much more magic!

If you’ve been having trouble with the ultimate act of self-love- putting yourself first- this is the feng shui shift for you, today! 


First, let’s start with the energy principles at work.  If your personal energy is stressed, panicked, scrambling to catch up or otherwise feeling tensions to meet up with time, you are not in a zone of genius.  You can totally have deadlines and stay in a zone of genius… but to do it well, it helps to stay super-elevated energetically… and more relaxed.

Humor. Artistry. Fun. Play. Games. Naps. Experiments. Adventures.

This is all high-vibe stuff that will flow with more ease.

On the other hand: tension, brutal deadlines, penalties looming, beating yourself up verbally, perfectionism and the like will send your energy into a nosedive.

To make time for yourself – and supercharge your life in the process- get into spaces of joy.

Whatever fuels you is a priority. 

Right now I am headed out to my Buddhist temple.  In the middle of incredible business to manage, I am questioned why I do this and how I can keep it up for two to three hours a day.  I realize for myself, nothing is as important in my day.   For some of you, it’s sacred time exercising, writing, making art…  Whatever solo-activity takes you to a higher place deserves to be the star of your day every day.

If this seems impossible, you may need to clear space in your life. 

Clutter stops the flow of great things.  It holds up great ideas.  It creates disorder and sucks up your bandwidth.  Clear some of what’s been heavy and lingering and you free up more time to get things done.  Seriously, this works! It’s amazing how distracting clutter can be.

The free love feng shui video series is not just about attracting soulmates and romance- it’s about making space for your life’s mission, your passions and more ease in every day fueled by super-high energy.  You can start HERE!

While you’re at it, de-clutter the idea that stress is creative. 

The Harvard Business Review’s article Creativity Under The Gun explores just how much pressure and stresses and disorganization kill creativity rather than fostering it. You may feel more creative with a surge of stress hormones but the productivity of actually awesome things is not always there.

Even in the best circumstances, if you are running on these constant deadlines with pressure, it will erode your body, mind and spirit.

(harvard business review)

There is momentum that builds when you put yourself first in self-compassionate ways.

So, if your energy is higher- largely because you’ve chosen to clear your life, schedule what matters and put yourself first in the most loving way- you’re more likely to be genius in your productivity, too!!

Putting yourself first doesn’t always mean bubble baths or spiritual time or yoga classes and the like, as much as I love all of the above and think they are super-important!

It is also things like… saying NO to what you don’t want, mastering your scheduling, getting organized asking for what you need, learning to create stronger boundaries… and anything that frees you to live and love more in your busy days. 

Let love become your lifestyle and you’ll see that you have the time.  It’s not abstract.  You can build it into your home, your office, your family time, your calendar… everywhere!

It’s love in action.


This is what I’ve found allows for giving more, living more and having a greater impact in every moment of every day.

Here’s to more quality time for you- and more love to bring to your whole life!



P.S.: If you want to really immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite Feng Shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 


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