The Enormous Power Of Finding & Living Your Mission In Life!

Aug 31, 2017 | Prosperity, Sensory Goodness


The world is vast. Needs and wants are different everywhere. I’d venture to say that many of you have non-traditional careers: you’re devoted parents or don’t need a job for various reasons. Many of you work at jobs that pay the bills that you don’t love. Many of you have found something you love to do that’s become your career and maybe you want to expand it.

Everyone is unique and in a different place in relation to their “life purpose”, yet many of us share this drive to create and live with more freedom, passion and purpose. It’s our magic.

My Camps online are filled with people of all ages and all types of life missions who share the common desire to shape life in new, exciting and super-inspired ways that reflect their personal passion and fulfillment.

I watch each group come together like supernatural magnets to support, enhance and inspire one another… and, from there, passions emerge or re-emerge and lifestyles get re-designed along with homes!

That’s a force of love in action: not business savvy and marketing tricks or data. It’s a force of open-heartedness rather than too much thought and data. It’s a product of creativity rather than intellect.

If you’re looking to expand your own sense of fulfillment and live aligned to your mission in life, today’s feng shui is all about waking up that expansive energy in your life!


Do you need to find your life’s mission or expand it more?

It can feel like it’s so much pressure to get there, to get started, a restlessness to find “your core purpose” … but…

Relax. There’s really no reason to stress if you haven’t found your ideal job yet, your perfect mission, your North Star of a project or philanthropic endeavor. Stress pushes the doors closed because it sends life into stagnation.

After a good five years of furious stress about what to do with my life, hustling every creative idea as though a clock was ticking, I finally found feng shui when I got sick for months, nearly died and had time on my hands to explore the Internet while I was healing.

The ideas of feng shui illuminated a mission, even though I thought I would never use feng shui itself professionally. It was still years later before it evolved into a career, but, the difference was, after getting so sick I knew that life would only unfold for me if I trusted and allowed it, instead of beating myself up with extreme pressure!

I became healthier than ever, happier than ever, more “lucky” than ever because I was more creative than ever. I was more calm and focused within myself than ever before.

Love was the light.

I want to stress that it wasn’t the crisis of getting sick that opened my mind and heart to explore and find my mission.

It was the very elements of healing that opened up my own life: self-love, self-care, sleep, kindness to myself, no pressure, no invisible ticking clock.

When I recovered, I realized that I suffered a whole lot due to my own high-pressure ways.  I was treating myself terribly, and, in essence, I sped myself into a health crisis.

I could have been much kinder to myself. 

I could have created more stability for myself. 

I could have been easier on myself in terms of time pressure. 

I could have had more patience and more balance. 

I could have put myself first a lot more.

But, we learn things the way we learn them.

I needed to get my butt kicked through two big tours of the hospital, lose 80% of my hair, bury myself in debt and, out of all that, learn what I needed to leads.

That said, if you’re looking for your own larger, brighter, North Star of a life mission, the above list in italics may hold some support for you along the way.

Slowing down, being kinder to yourself, focusing on love, staying organized…

These simple things can make for massive breakthroughs!


One other brilliant bit of learning that helped me so much was from Simon Sinek. He explained in a lecture I attended that the brain has a hard time articulating a life purpose. Truly, it’s hard to put it into actual words.

So how do you start finding your big reason “Why”?!

Call up a few people who know you well and ask, unvarnished, what they identify most about you.

When I did this, lots of people told me that I was consistent, always optimistic and I was always on their side.  I was so flattered and I was helped greatly by this; it gave me a framework to look at my life and how to bring those vital aspects into my plans!

If you want more of Simon Sinek’s insight about uncovering your core mission, here he talks about Loving Your Work. It’s a bit of a watch, but he is electrifying.

It’s always an inside job.

Instead of loving my mission or the process of finding it, when I felt lost and impatient I tried to gain insight, ideas or even hide behind the identity of a few very powerful ex-boyfriends. I joked I was a professional girlfriend, and the joke became less a joke over time and more a full-blown identity crisis. The experiences were surreal, thrilling, eye-opening… but none brought me closer to personal fulfillment.

I had to look within, stand in my own power, love myself as much as I loved other people and let life unfold. No one else gives me my power. You’ll likely find the same for yourself.

You don’t need to have a traditional career or a job of any kind to have a huge life mission.

My mother had a huge purpose on the planet and didn’t work at a job for various reasons for much of her life. When I was first told that she has died in her sleep one day, my first thought was,”No one will ever love me as much again.”  That’s how powerful her love was and how it transformed everyone around her. I feel her around me every day, and I realize that type of blessed energy doesn’t fade.

Her mission was to love people so deeply that they started to see the greatness in themselves and felt grounded by her support.   She said her family was her life purpose.

She mastered that.

You don’t have to have a “career” to have a life purpose.

Love is that force of mission and purpose.

Self-love lights up your talents, illuminates ideas, directs decisions… and its the overarching idea I offer to anyone who wants to bring more mission and purpose to the world.

Let love be your compass.

Love what you’re doing now, love yourself more every day and love the ideas and talents that pop up enough to explore them with an open heart.

Wherever we are, there’s always a next level to go… and that unquantifiable quality of life, that pure love, is an awesome guide to take that next step.



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