Upgrading Your Energy System To Reach Those Bigger Dreams!

Sep 1, 2017 | Prosperity


These flowers are a dream. If they were delivered to my door, I wonder if I’d have space for all of them?!

Today, we’re talking about the Feng Shui of space-making for more love, beauty, abundance and wellbeing.

It’s energetic expansion. And, provided you’re up for the space-making to allow it to happen, it’s so thrilling.

Energetically expanding.

Here’s what I mean:

We all have things we’ve grown used to, a sense of “normal”  that we can challenge and expand any time we choose to do that.

Some people are used to relationships that are full of drama, some are used to living situations with lots of instability, some are used to hitting a certain amount of success and then idling…

All of this isn’t a sign of us being undeserving, unworthy, cursed or negatively-programmed or any other explanations… I mean, sure, perhaps it may seem like all of this holds true, and that’s a good clue that something is blocked…

But really, to move away from complication, the very easy idea that underpins feng shui and pretty much anything else I have ever experienced of a big life change spiritually, mentally or emotionally is quite simple.

A bigger life of stuff and responsibility means that we need, as well, to feel bigger and live bigger.

This doesn’t mean we’re broken and need to repair ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we’re faced with years of dissecting situations and cerebrally looking for answers.

Instead, it’s simple. And a computer- with it’s own energetic matrix- is a great way to explain it.

If you’ve run out of storage on your computer or the operating system is old, you can either upgrade your computer storage or delete what isn’t needed. Then, you can handle more. You can work faster. You can stop stumbling when you get a big attachment in an email and find it hard to download. You can rest easier that your computer is stronger and your work is safer when it’s all backed up.

If you’re operating system is old but you are afraid of the new and what problems it can cause by upgrading, if you’ve maxed out on this computer and need to think abut a new one… all of these things can drive us back to idling where we are unless we dare to dive into the expansion.

Same for our own energy. We need to clean it up and upgrade the system in order to keep up with the awesomeness we are asking for…even if it means things will shift and things will need to be organized all over again and maybe new skills and habits will need to be learned!

Obvious junk can go. We won’t be able to delete every single extraneous file (bad ideas we’ve picked up, old habits that take time to change, every piece of clutter) but we can start with some of the obvious ones.

In my weekly computer maintenance I find myself dumping the trash, deleting emails and clearing lots of stuff from the week that I am very much done with. I used to let it build up until finally I felt immobilized, nothing worked properly and I threw my hands up in defeat.

In life, it’s sort of energetically the same. Weekly, daily, as often as you can… find those extraneous bits of clutter, trash in the bin, too many tasks on the to-do list … it’s time to clear them.

Or, if you do what I used to do, they can build up to a pressure-cooker of overwhelm as I never took the time to deal with it all and then “boom!” explode and pull me off my course of growth to remain barely able to manage the status quo.

  • Clearing moves you forward.
  • Letting things pile up creates a manifest destiny of roadblocks and idling in the same place.

I know that it can take some time if you’re in the midst of clutter to clear it all, but you don’t have to hold yourself back while you clear it all, you just need to decide to start, and to do it regularly, to feel the flow open up.

12 ways to glow more

It may be time for a system upgrade. Whether you are due for new supplements or a more energizing diet, a new habit or two to help you feel more glowing, allow for that without making it so elaborate that it becomes a new reason to stay stuck. Simple is always fantastic.

Just like system upgrades to a computer, you might find that you need to reorganize, work a bit differently through your day or get used to a new look and feel of life.

If you’ve had a big computer upgrade and spent time totally disoriented, I feel you. Plus there are the glitches, the things not ironed out yet, and its all super-frustrating… or… it can be exciting.

You won’t likely know how the new flow of life goes when you’ve found your soulmate, made your big career move or stepped toward anything else that you want… yet I can guarantee that there’s going to be some change involved, and even the most positive changes require flexibility.

Stretch more physically. Play games that keep your mind flexible. Switch around some furniture or plants to feel how flexible your home can be. Wear some new clothes.

All big changes in Feng Shui involve clearing, energizing and magnetizing the new. They are all upgrades to our operating system. They support the changes we aspire to and the ideals that we wish to manifest.

They’re also usually quite simple and connected to all that you want and need.

And they are that energetic expansion that turns life into a vacuum for greatness!

Let some stuff go, step into the new level of energy and flow with each move you make toward your dreams!

xoxo Dana

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