Small Shifts Will Guide You Toward Big Things!

Sep 2, 2017 | Creativity, Prosperity

If you are looking for a life makeover, you’re not alone and you’ve found a kindred spirit!

There’s always a level higher, always closer to move toward enlightenment, freedom, personal empowerment, philanthropy and all of it.

It’s that high bar and the big dreams that make every day a thrill. In Feng Shui terms, these strong intentions get the chi flowing. It lights up life. It creates momentum.

But, what isn’t as thrilling is when the bar gets set super-high for change all at once. I know that people claim they’ve instantly cancelled out every bad habit they’ve ever had and revolutionized themselves overnight, but I have never met a single person in a decade of all the wellness leaders and coaches and speakers and healers and people I admire deeply that has done it all overnight.

In fact, most people I know who have made big changes and built great things have done it all in so many small steps fueled by love that it was almost a shock to reach huge heights of success.

Today, let’s look at some super-small ways to infuse your life with more focus and passion to make changes that build, that gain their own velocity and truly last.  


I realized a long time ago that without giant goals that mean something to me in some area of my own life, I have no momentum toward doing anything but coasting.

I was content for some time with where I was at mentally, physically, emotionally, in every way sort of cruising and still working and grateful and all of it. But… slowly… without realizing it… my body was getting weaker and feeling stuck until I got injured. I felt OK mentally and emotionally until I hit a wall of inertia and felt creatively blocked… and then, even my passion for work became a panic about work that I felt growing.

I had stopped setting the bar really high once I got higher than I had imagined I could go. From there, I wanted to maintain things and didn’t reach much higher because I somehow mistakenly believed that life would just hand me all sorts of gifts without my participation.

I discovered for myself what complacent, self-satisfied and increasingly entitled looked like for myself, and it wasn’t pretty! It especially wasn’t pretty when I started to feel frustrated and things started to dip where they were once cruising along…

In response to this realization, I set such a high bar for so many areas of my life that I was deeply excited and filled-up with ideas. I also tried to accomplish it all at once.

And, it’s no surprise that I failed to make a lot of the changes that I identified.


Too huge a list of goals you feel you need to reach instantly is pretty dynamic self-sabotage.

You may have been in this situation. You may be now.

Stephen Guise wrote an incredible blog post for all of you who identify with the all-or-nothing approach to change. In it, he explains his own findings from scaling back on what needs to be done every day:

“Smaller, frequent goals give you smaller rewards in greater quantity and frequency. This is what the brain responds well to—successful feelings paired with the individual actions that bring long term success. The human brain is a bit insecure in that it needs constant nurturing and reassurance. Unlike big goals, your efforts will feel like BIG successes in comparison to your “stupid small” goals. It feels far better to aim for 50 words and overachieve with 3,000 than it does to aim for 5,000 words and “only” write 3,000. This explains how small goals can offer such a high reward-to-effort ratio, and why they’re so effective.”

So, if sabotaging your best efforts accidentally by trying to do too much at once has plagued you… there’s a lot of great reasons to start moving step-by-step.

The problem with step-by-step for me is that I am not really satisfied with really slow growth. It tests my patience. It feels like nothing is moving fast enough, you know?

And that’s when my closest friends reminded me of what small steps of consistency have created for me in the not-so-distant past…

  • getting out of insane amounts of debt over six months and then, somewhat instantly
  • truly healing in months from a devastating health crisis that perhaps had no cure
  • creating a whole universe of a business in free time because I kept taking a next step toward a passion until it took on a life of its own
  • relationships soaring to great heights that felt beyond repair

These are big things that came from extremely small things and a big vision. They seemed slow at first, but then…after some consistent small steps… they all seemed to hit their stride.

So, I conceded that small things really do work! And I promised myself I would only do a few small things and do them consistently.

I dove into some super small things to advance my passion in the world. Small steps. Bits of research and practice. Creatively I did small things like painting for a few minutes a day. Tiny bits of creative writing in a journal every day… A few minutes of exercise…

  • The Camps online were born and totally changed my life as I grew to know and love all my Camp members and watched everyone transform together and evolve over the years.
  • I found myself suddenly doing speaking that I hadn’t done for years, and not just a little, but a ton, in very big places, almost instantly, and loving it all.
  • My body became stronger, more flexible, pain-free, and dare-I-say more fit (!!!) and it wasn’t a struggle…

It’s somewhat shocking to look back and see what small steps can do.

It’s also a big practice of self-love.

Overall, I stopped pressuring myself a lot for the sake of achievement and started looking at what the next logical step was for anything I was doing. This was, in itself, such a life-lightening revolution.

Overall, I stopped setting a timer on when things had to arrive and what had to happen that was out of my hands. I have lost a lot of joy wanting things to arrive instantly that needed to find their right timing.

I say overall because these things didn’t drop out of my life overnight. I’d be doing you a great disservice to pretend that they did.They’re still a part of my life, they’re just not the theme of my life! I felt the pressure so many times and found more ways to relax. I felt the impatience to get it all done now and learned to channel that energy into more productive things (it’s a time I love to do space-clearing!!!). 

We’re never going to be fully without reactions, a spectrum of emotions, impatience and everything else.

But, I’ve lived and observed now thousands of times where the consistent act of small change can be an antidote to all that angst and a feeling of stuckness.

It creates new and positive and deep grooves in our brain, our energy field, our environment…

And it is all love.

Showing up and taking that step is love.

No matter how fast or how slow, that energy of love makes the unexplainably awesome magic and unstoppable momentum happen.



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