Ten Ways To Know It’s Time To Get Organized (&… Ideas To Do It!)

Sep 5, 2017 | Creativity

time to get organized

How do you know when it’s time to get organized on a new level?

While I am not suggesting that we live like robots on a stringent schedule, when we don’t have order, things don’t flow. It’s really that simple.

How do you know that you need to reorganize your life?

For you, it might be missing a workout, skipping your journal, hitting snooze too many days in a row…

We all have signs that it’s happening, that the flow is maybe not as smooth or as directed, that so much has come up that’s pulled us off our track (even great things!) and life is starting to feel wobbly.

It’s also easy to feel this wobble filled with a lot of emotion, confusion or a total lack of connection, and start to get drawn into a haze.

Sometimes all we need to know is that things are a bit out of order (or even a lot out of order) so that we can get them back to flowing.

Sometimes the old systems of organizing no longer work.

But always, we get signs when it’s time to get organized.

And, when we do, it’s pretty intuitive and very exciting to get to solid ground where we regain our magic of momentum and ease!

We all have our best systems of organizing and prioritizing life… and sometimes we don’t realize when they are starting to melt down a bit.  Given that time is very relative and flexible, if we aren’t shaping time, chances are we are the effect of time. Without structure in some way, the effects are full of angst, pressure and lots of other feelings that feel like stress.

To shape time, to create more space and to live with more abundance, it’s always a good thing to see when things could use more order.

Not sure what you have to do in a day? Take a break (for me it’s a tea time) to get clear on what needs your attention.  Without a clear sense of what you have to do, chances are that nothing will get done because it’s swirling in your head.  Simple lists are Feng Shui magic.

Always late?  That’s a sign for me that my energy is diving and I need a rest.  A break, more sleep, a nap.  Time is running away from me and that means for me that I am not connected to what I am doing or things are taking too long… which usually means I’m tired or over-scheduled (i.e.: energetically stretched too thin)

Unclear about your progress? We tend to lose touch when we aren’t celebrating what we’ve done.  Try listing your accomplishments at the end of the day. Even the small ones as they are usually big.

Can’t focus well? Maybe priorities are out of whack or your hard work is being done too late in the day when you’ve made too many decisions already.  Decision fatigue is a real thing. Do big decision making in the morning or after a long nap!

Losing things often?  That’s a good sign that you can use a place for things that’s official.  The kid’s toys.  The dog leashes.  The keys.  The paperwork in real files.  This type of simple order creates a lot more flow in the day.

Forgetting to eat meals?  You may need to lighten your schedule and spend some time in self-love mode, making great food and wellness more of a priority.  Even in the deepest of deadlines, I have had to take time to go for a long walk, eat way better and way more, and do things like extra baths and snacks to stay in flow.  Skip too many meals and your energy field – along with your creativity- starts to dwindle.

Staying up too late?  When my self-care gets prioritized very low on the list and I can’t find space for bedtime, I know I need to re-group and get to bed ASAP.  Everything else is best done early in the morning with stronger energy.  In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine states that earlier bedtimes mean you can sleep less and still be just as rejuvenated.

Unprepared? If you find yourself unprepared for meetings, not ready for things you need to do, it could be time for a lot more connection to life.  Spend time in nature.  Practice grounding exercises.  The more present we are, the more we can see what we need to prepare and to know in order to show up and be ready for the day…!

Overwhelmed? Here is where I know I need help.  A dog groomer.  Help with housecleaning.  Help with work.  Learning to ask for help is one of the greatest ways to reorganize and take a lot of extras off your plate, as much as possible.  Help for any issue can be a huge form of reorganization.

Creatively blocked?  This is usually some form of clutter.  Where can you get rid of some stuff that’s been building up? Everything from emails to a pile of unopened mail, stuffed closets to stuffed emotions can be clutter.  See if you can let go of one thing at a time every day until you feel lighter!!!

These are a jumping-off point.

You may be organized in your life in bins and files and still feel many of these things happening and that’s normal.  Organization means – in my Feng Shui ways- understanding where your thoughts and your energies are flowing regardless of how clear your space is.  You can have a minimalist home and still have a cluttered mind, a sense that priorities are all over the map and a whole lot of fatigue.

Love is the way to more order on a deeper level.  Self-love.  Love for your life.  Love for your process.  Love for your goals.  It helps to reorganize, to focus on what matters most and to decide the right next steps.

Tap into that love, get lots of rest and reorganize the universe in your favor!



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