Creating A Home That’s A Catalyst For More Love To Flourish!

Sep 6, 2017 | Creativity

(aspyn ovard: the whole house tour is full of love!)

Love is everything.  It’s the energy of connection, wellbeing, abundance… and it’s the energy of humanity itself.  Love is why we thrive, strive, create, share… Love is such a wild concept because it’s not just a romantic concept.

It’s everything.

It’s also a state of energy that requires no other people or conditions to exist.  Though it does summon in all the people and conditions we love!

After studying the energetic frequencies of the emotions of millions of people, David Hawkins explained,  “Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”

Feng Shui is all about the highest of frequencies.  It’s about making the room for that energy to thrive with harmony and free flow.  Feng Shui also explains that when your home is on this high frequency, it raises your frequency higher.  Your home becomes not just a magnet for love… it becomes a catalyst for more love!!!

This is my wish for you, for everyone- that you love your life so much that you’re blessed for all the triumphs and the challenges.  That’s what love is, right? For better or worse, we accept it all because we see the grace and magic in every moment.  (*The only part I would change of the above is that I’d like you to be able to fall asleep easily 😉 but you get the sentiment.)  That type of passion, excitement, charge, blessing, open-heartedness…

Your home can be a catalyst that lifts life higher toward the frequencies of gratitude, more grace… move f all the greatness…

And, it can be very easy.

In the Feng Shui Love Camp clear space is the ultimate aim in creating a home that sparkles, that radiates care and is full of bliss.  That clear space, in turn, lifts us higher.  It brings us more loving situations every day, more loving people, opportunities, resolutions, ideas, motivation, soulmates and all the beauty of humanity  at its greatest.  It’s so exciting to me I can barely type as fast as my thoughts race and the images pour through my mind!

The love we create every day lifts up the people around us who need help, it helps to heal, to transform, to bring hope and meaning and fulfillment.  It is so powerful that David Hawkins also found in his research that one person living in a state of LOVE energetically speaking can lift 700,000 people out of lower states of being where they are struggling.

That’s all from love!

That’s all from joy!

And, we can all do more of it every single day!

Some ways your home can bring you higher…

Clear space.

The more you feel spacious no matter how big or small your space is, the better off you will be.  You can feel spacious in even a small bedroom.

Space gets cleared actually.  Removing clutter, extra furniture, extra stuff…

Space gets cleared in invisible ways.  The energies that are stuck and hanging in the air.  One of my Campers had a profound experience of removing the emotional heaviness of previous owners of her home as she made changes- she’d never heard of objects holding emotions until now… and the vast relief she felt was epic.  You can learn more about the benefits of feng shui Space Clearing HERE.  

Creative activation.

Creatively activate your space and life and you’ll be completely unstoppable.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to hang some art that is meaningful to you.  This wakes up the space significantly and gets the energy flowing.

Creative activation can also be the selection of a meditation space, finding a place to journal, creating a sacred area.

And there are so many ideas and a massive amount of creative exercises to engage with, but to start … make sure your home feels like there’s a spark!


Need more flow? Start using your whole home for starters.  Areas that are unused get stagnant.  You can also start playing with your furniture arrangement, or using the DIY feng shui guide to get each room set with more flow! 


This is the stuff of real love.  How deeply are you connected to your home? Your things? Your purpose and your mission?  Do you have space to deeply connect to others at home where you are comfortable and relaxed?

Find ways to connect more to your space being guided by some of these questions and you’ll feel so much more support from your nest!

And… from here, we soar!

There are so many easy ways to shower more love onto every day.

Embrace them all with open arms and an open heart and your life will move higher and higher!



P.S.: The Love Camp is coming (!!!) to transform life with so much more love! It’s the ultimate in Feng Shui to multiply your manifesting magic.

The FREE 3-Video series kicks things off right HERE!!! It’s packed with Feng Shui to help you create even more openness, magnetism and more LOVE in awesome, tangible ways!

This hour of Feng Shui videos for love starts soon and it’s only up for a few days a year…so if you’re ready for a lighter, brighter, more love-filled life, you won’t want to miss it! xoxo!!!



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