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Sep 7, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

(Amanda Widell’s home)

Balance isn’t the same for everyone.  Elite athletes I know find their footing in the tenth mile every day, or in what may seem like extremes to some of us.  In fact, I find my balance on a creative edge of adventure, art and spiritual practice, always stretching the barriers further.  If I don’t feel self-expressed in my days I feel off kilter.

You may find your balance in more rest, intensity mixed with total downtime or deep pursuits of spirit.  You might find balance in mainly rest with a little hustle.  Or a pace that’s very quite, measured, slow and consistent.

There’s no one way.  In fact, if I tried to fit my life into the model of balance that is the standard thinking on the issue, I feel trapped, bored and intellectually flat and restless.

That said, without balance things become so extreme that they are unsustainable.  You can’t work on level 10 every day of life without consequences.   You likely can’t run 10 miles a day with no rest days in between and not feel it in some way that’s less than optimal.  Relationships that are pure passion in a heat can’t be sustained on that level every moment of every day.  We all have a need for yin and yang energies.  Active and then quiet.  Hard and soft.

Finding your balance is unique… and today instead of exploring what your balanced life should look like, we’re going to look at some of the underlying energies of balance to inspire you to find your own best way!

Why get more balanced?  Your body, mind, love life, friendships, money and creative world will thank you for the love.

How would you know if you’re imbalanced?  Some ways are sleepless, achey feelings, creatively blocked days, emotionally feeling in turmoil, unable to get things done or not enjoying what you’re creating.  

That’s just the very start.  We explore balance in the online Camps in lifestyle, in prosperity and soon in love.  It’s an enormous subject that’s full of fun because the rewards for creating balance feel spectacular!!!

Underlying all balance is a simple premise: We are all energy.

That energy needs to flow and grow.  It also needs to be maintained, protected and harmonized with rest.

One energy system of life is the chakras. They are spinning energy vortexes lining our body front and back. They are fascinating to explore, and this chart poses some of the best questions about balance:


Read through the list and see where you feel resistant.  See where it feels the very most like… “Oh no, I wish I felt like that but I don’t right now!”

Playing with strengthening whatever chakra energy feels most wobbly is a fun way to amplify your energy and strike a creative balance! THIS is feng shui for all of your chakras.  There are loads of ideas to play with in the spirit of fun! 

(the wishing trees rug)

One other energy system is our aura that energetically shields us and gives us mobility as we go through the day.  It needs a cleaning from time to time just like we need to wash the car that shields us and gives us mobility as we go through the day.  Stop washing the car and soon you won’t be able to see out the windows.  You won’t feel as good.  You may actually feel like hiding the car or not showing up places.  Auras that collect the dust of energy every day feel the same!

Try taking detox baths in baking soda or salt (or both, a cup each!).  

Try doing Donna Eden’s 5 minute energy routine. 

Try Nature to recharge your body, mind and spirit. 

The more balance you find in simple ways, the more you can love every day.  The hormones of stress will shrink.  The chemicals of bliss will expand.  The energies of love will widen.

Every day becomes far more magic.  And, it’s all because you decided to design your life a bit more in all your best ways…!



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