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Sep 8, 2017 | Creativity


People tend to want to hire me to help make their wishes come true.  That is, after all, how Feng Shui was popularized.  “Add two lucky doves to your bedroom, light a candle and toss red sheets on your bed and…boom… your soulmate will arrive!”

I am always happy to help in the wish-making and the making of lasting change.  I don’t, however, do the above instant-wish-fulfillment.

The reason?  What if you’re wanting an instant relationship and still mourning the loss of a relationship, living with so much unhealed trauma that you’re afraid to truly be vulnerable in a healthy way or you spend so much of your life working that you have little time for this magical mate for your soul?!

The above is just a small sample of how “instant-wish-fulfillment” promises can fail us all.  Think about it: Even if we were to get the soulmate in the above overnight with no self-reflection… how awesome would that relationship be if you had no time, no space in your heart, mind or emotions to engage with him or her?

It reminds me of the lottery winners who get the big payday and then suddenly spend it instantly.

Lots of them were not that clear about their beliefs, habits and true conceptions of money and wealth and so, when all that money arrived, they had no space for it, no flow to provide it, no habits to support it.

Of course, you don’t need to know every single thing about money to not blow a few million dollars if you win it, and you don’t need to have a perfect love history to have the best relationships ever.

You absolutely can – and likely will- learn along the way and evolve as you go.  And each decision you make will most likely be amazing if you follow how you feel.

I can help you shape your space and shift your energy and habits in big ways… but you’re always the engine.  It doesn’t happen without you on board!

There’s one way far beyond the statues and symbols of some schools of Feng Shui- none of which I recommend unless you love them dearly- to use your environment to light a path toward those great decisions, manifestation and synergy that we all love.

Using your home as a mirror of your life, you can learn so much about yourself that can light a path toward your dreams! 


My clients learn quickly that we can work toward the wishes they are ready to create… but no one and nothing- not even a self-professed miracle-making healer or anyone else- can make your dreams manifest and grow without your participation.

It’s your world.  You decide on each step forward to take.

Your environment will support you every step of the way, and the more clarity and space you have in your life, the more certain your footing will be on each step.

Self-reflection is a huge part of the process in my experience personally and professionally.

You can see a reflection more clearly when the mirror you are looking in is clear.

It works the same in your home.

I made the videos above with Bob somewhat magically before I had to suddenly and unexpectedly move from my old home.  The lower level of the duplex was apparently overwrought with termites that were inching their way to my upstairs home and while I couldn’t see wood breaking from windowsills, I could feel that something was not right and that the space needed a major change.  As I did all the clearing, the Feng Shui and fresh-start making in that space while creating the whole Love Camp over the last year, I started to feel like the reflection of my space no longer felt like me.  I had expanded and my space felt like it needed a major upgrade.

I was planning new furniture, a new office design, new bedroom…  ready to really amplify the reflection around me in my home.  But, for some reason I held off.  I wasn’t sure why I was stalling as I was so ready for new stuff…

When the big reveal of an infestation of bugs eating away at what was once a launchpad for my dreams became apparent, it was like life pulled a curtain off of a giant reason why I was feeling like I was in a holding pattern. For those of you who know the story, I moved within 15 miraculous days to an incredible new place.

And, I gained a lot of awareness from all the self-reflection that came with the process.

Steps in life that were on hold suddenly started flying at a pace that felt like destiny was unlocked.  My self-concept changed dramatically.  I am thinking even more clearly, even without half my furniture (I realized it was time to let it all go!) and without a lot of trying.

This is just one recent example of how much we can gain from self-reflection in lots of clear space.

My dramatic space clearing of the old home revealed that something needed to change… and that change was quickly revealed.

So much stuff was let go in that clarity. Like hundreds of pounds of mental, emotional and actual weight lifted.

And, the doors swung open to an entirely new chapter of life where the love I feel every day is beyond words… even at it’s most challenging of times!

I could never have anticipated that the even more incredible duplex I almost moved into 3 years ago would be available instantly, I could never have seen the lessons I needed to learn, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what would happen next…

But it all happened, step by step, with incredible amounts of self-reflection.

How can self-reflection help you to find the love of your life, the fortunes you want, the creative manifestation of your potential and great adventures…?

The more you know yourself and accept yourself right now as whole and see even glimmers of the blindspots (like my lower floor termites!) that have been in your way with some healthy self-reflection, you can make the right moves for you.

Your home can help to reveal these blindspots.

Maybe your somewhat buried cynicism toward love has manifest in a bedroom without space for another person , or the ways you’ve been putting your free time last in your days shows up in a bathroom full of clutter, or not eating well enough is clear from your empty refrigerator, or avoiding projects has manifest in piles of clutter tucked away…

These are just small examples.

The examples are many.

(via- in this lovely room the cactus creates a lot of self-protection and maybe less welcome to sit on that gorgeous swing…!)

Your home can illuminate things about yourself that maybe you hadn’t realized, like a procrastination that masks a fear of success, all sorts of walls you’ve built to letting people in, creative blocks manifest as leaks, clutter, cracks in the walls that linger…

There are infinite numbers of ways to gain incredible insight and self-reflection from your home.

The first step is to be open to see it all!

Then, clear some space! Burn that sage. Get the flow going.

From there, with loads of self-love, kindness and gentleness, you can make the kinds of sure-footed changes that illuminate and clear a path to your dreams, step-by-step. In your best ways!

And if you’re ready right now for more of that openness and growth, you can start the clearing, illuminating and energizing of your home. It’s my greatest joy to share this with you to help you sweep away what’s been in the way and light up more love in your life!!!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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