Is It Time To Detox Relationships In Your Life?

Sep 9, 2017 | Prosperity

Love – and every relationship in your life full of that love- is life-changing.

I am not a relationship coach, telling people what to say or do within their relationships. But, I deal with energy and that energy manifests in— homes, creativity and the flow of prosperity, including love!

When energy is off between people, it slides into my domain because it settles in an environment and blocks the creativity, flow, prosperity and love!

Your energy affects your home as much as your furniture. Dense, contentious energy hangs heavy in the air. It manifests in a home in all sorts of ways- clutter, broken stuff, a feeling that you’re ill at ease…

You can even feel drained of your life force in spaces with dense energy that’s been the site of arguments, upsets, heavy emotions that have an impact.

If you’re stuck in a pattern in your relationships, your home (yes, your home!) may be reinforcing that pattern like a trigger that sets off emotional reactions that spin out of control.

It can make it murky to see what’s going on.

It can feel like there’s no end to the cycle of problems.

But in clear space, things change.


Imagine you’re in a room where you’ve been for years, where you’ve had the same arguments, the same misunderstandings. In that room, if that energy has collected, the air itself can hold that heaviness. Also, the chair you’re sitting at may hold this energy.

Moreover, if the anger or grief or sadness happens often enough… you start to create visual associations. Suddenly, you see the chair on a good day and feel a subtle shift down. You might get the urge to pour yourself a glass of wine at the end of the day even if you don’t want it because… well… it’s a habit trigger in your space learned over time.

Just like the grooves of our mind retain habits we’ve practiced, our homes retain those well worn paths, too.

And, just like we can bypass all the programming in our mind when we are fully present and in a mode of creativity, we can do the same in our home.Present and connected and engaged with our senses fully alert, we can make big conscious changes to the energy around us.

This is where you find clarity.

It’s where you find the right path, not the path of reaction, habit and contention.

Changing the energy in your home may not change someone else deeply if you live with them.  And it’s never about changing anyone anyway.

Clearing out the energy in your home clears the stuckness that lingers. It helps you see what is actually going on.

The more clear you are, the more you can objectively understand your role in what’s happening.

The more clear you are, the more you can see the other person’s point of view.

The more clear the space is, the less apt you’ll be to want whatever dynamic to continue.

In clear space you can unwind your own unhealthy attachments.  This cord cutting exercise is a simple start.  There is more you can do to dissolve any unhealthy dynamics you’ve created energetically with another person or people, but this is the main one.

You can create more peace for you.  You can, most importantly, feel your own sense of stability from within a flurry of emotions. The more grounded and supported and safe you feel in your environment, the more you’ll be present and out of knee-jerk reactions.

And, in clear space… you’ll be out of scarcity. Sometimes we get so wound into a story, especially in contentious relationships, that there are no other options and there’s no other love available but this heated situation that gets conflated with love. There are always other people who love you… but… more vital, there’s YOU.

Clear space also brings you stronger boundaries. Energetically, the more toxic the relationship the more concessions have been made to let healthy energetic boundaries crumble. Suddenly, you are so entangled, even when you don’t want to be entangled. There’s all kinds of dependency. There’s all kinds of confusion, need, even emotional addiction. It’s harder to distinguish what’s yours from someone elses, and when the ball drops and things turn to chaos, it becomes harder to see your value, self-love and even compassion.

It can feel scary to clear space when you’ve been stuck in a toxic holding pattern. After all, what does normal feel like? What is healthy? Maybe it’s true what you’ve been told, that you’re damaged, you’re emotionally unstable, you should be pitied?

Those ideas are easier to be free of in clear space.

Clear that space. 

I just let go of hundreds of pounds of furniture with such bad memories attached, so much space cleared in a brand new home on a whole new level.

It’s given me such perspective on everyone in my life, it’s surreal.

I was very ready.

Life is handing me more and more situations and dynamic to untangle, detox, clear away and, in a big succession, they are all gone. It’s like fireworks. It’s not all fun, but with each one, I am lighter. Brighter.

It’s so worth it all.

Grab some sage! Donate the old vintage furniture! Clear the clutter! 

Dare to be so clear that you’ll do whatever it takes to see the dynamics around you for what they are, for better or worse.

You have to be willing to see everything in order to clear space.  

99% of my clients who have had unfaithful partners knew it was happening all along but couldn’t confront it, so it slowly build into a haze of denial. Clearing space was temporarily unpleasant- seeing the truth of it all in the open- but it created a path to incredible growth and new relationships that were in many cases, beyond belief ideal.

100% of the people I know are pretty clear when they have an issue or habit that they themselves could use to address, but it usually doesn’t get confronted until there’s clear space.

Everything you see when the haze, the clutter and the dust has been cleared is not bad or good… it’s a path. You can choose which direction you want to go consciously, not by default. You can decide what’s worth it and what has to be put out in the trash, emotionally or literally!

And, you’ll elevate your life so high in the process… it’s unreal just how much freedom you can gain by deciding to let go of what’s lingered for far too long!

The Love Camp 8 week immersion on magnetizing more love and elevating your whole life to LOVE is in season (!!!)  and it all starts with a very deep clearing of what’s created both visible and invisible blocks to love in your space. It’s such a big deal to me to share this far and wide that I created a free video series for you to experience these tools.   I hope it can help you to create more freedom…. and kick off a big season of creating so much LOVE!!! You can start them right HERE!

I’m wishing so much freedom, happy relationships, peace and big love to you.

xoxo Dana


  1. Mariella

    Clarity is also important for creative writing.That’s why i like your posts, because i don’t have to read more than once to understand.


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