10 Feng Shui Ways To Clear Space & Leap Forward In Life!

Sep 10, 2017 | Creativity

(rainbow nourishments is the best!!!)

This is my early Birthday post, as I’m spending the day on my actual birthday tomorrow in spirit time (lots of prayers for the world all day…), hiking in the local rainforest (!) and hanging out with people I love. I am so lit up by the idea of tuning in deeply.  No party, no event and no adventure could mean more to me than this right now.

I used to get a vision or an intellectual idea of what I wanted every year on my birthday.  Now, it’s in my body.  It’s taking hold of my senses.  It’s captivating, exciting and most of all… it’s really calming.

To get to today, the last few months called upon me to get rid of more than I ever thought possible at once.  And by tomorrow, I will have let go of even more.  Stuff, ideas, old ways, items that don’t belong on the to-do list any more… It’s all overstayed its welcome and it’s time to go.

My birthday wish for all of you is to experience more freedom, love and creative action in every day.  Not just a state of joy, but a state of art.  Not a life free of challenges, but a life where you are building even more of what you want… and feeling awesome every step of the way.

I’ve picked up a few (!) lessons in all this change of my last birthday year that I pass on in the online Camps as everyone shares their lessons with me. Today, the feng shui lessons that stand out this year are the ones I’m excited to share!

(rainbow nourishments)

Clearing more space in life makes for more leaps forward where things have been stuck.

I get stuck in all different ways all the time.  We all do.  Getting stuck is not a bad thing… getting stuck for a long time is where things get sticky!

I had no idea how much my life would change this past year.  Incredible people, adventures,  new loves, even closer friends, wildly expanded creative projects, work soaring, events everywhere, new art being made… I even have a much bigger and better home that I wasn’t even expecting.

And in the misdt of it all, I got stuck… a lot! And, luckily,  in the unsticking I always find more ways to use the tools of energy, the purposes of art and the brilliance of nature to make life more like magic!

Things tell you when they’re ready to go. Or, you know.  I had a plan I swooshed aside in a corner of my mind that I would replace 8 pieces of furniture, rugs, and more. I didn’t intend to set it aside in my head but every time I’d look for a replacement for any of these things that no longer belonged in my home I would get de-railed.  A last-minute move due to the fact that my old house was apparently neglected by irs owner when filled with termites (!) showed me exactly the right time to let it all go.  Had I replaced things sooner, they’d all very sadly be in the trash filled with termites (ugh!!!).

Don’t stress if you haven’t gotten rid of every bit of clutter yet… instead, keep on following how you feel and making room in life in all different ways.  It really does work to create major freedom.  I feel right now like I’m floating with so much stuff gone and so much to go in the next few days…!

Creative blocks are a gift to help you dare bigger.  If you’re not quite sure why you can’t find your inspiration right now, you might not be aiming high enough. If the rewards aren’t great enough I’ve learned that our brains won’t even catalyze that much energy toward making things happen.  Aim HIGH & so much starts to click into place.

It’s hard to clear things when you don’t have a plan for what to do next.  What will you do when your space is clear?   This is why some messes and messy relationships, have overstayed their welcome in my life.  I didn’t know what to do next.  A plan can set you – and everyone and everything else- free!!!

There’s no lack of love in the world.  Love is everywhere.  The Love Camp feng shui immersion is coming soon, after three years in the making, borne from the last seven years of realizing that despite all things, love is always the answer.  Love isn’t scarce and relegated to one person or a small group.  It can also be a whole lifestyle.  And if there’s one secret to success, it’s when I realized by default that loving what I was diong, how I was living, loving, connecting, thinking, exploring, learning… it was my only secret.  And it’s not a secret!

When I thought love was scarce and I had to earn it, love was scarce… so,  believe in that love and let that be the theme of every day!

No one can tell us we are damaged, because none of us are damaged.  Healers in the spirit and energy realms can be useful, most certainly, as can well-meaning friends and other professionals… but if anyone tells you that you are broken, damaged, cursed, trapped, or beyond repair… unless, of course, you listen to what they are saying and doing, please please please don’t listen and walk… or run… away!

I have only found giving to be useful.  This is as simple as I can put it.  I’ve found myself volunteering, helping out and extending myself more this year than I had time to do, and it’s not because I’m such a great person without flaws! 🙂 It’s really that I’ve only found giving to be useful.  I have recieved so many gifts that I love, and I am open and grateful for them all, but the giving is what matters most to me.

There are no superhuman tricks that replace working with passion.  Shortcuts are not my style and this year in particular I found that there are no tricks of interest, despite the many, many, many offered to me.  Except, of course, fun DIY’s and organizing tools like a paper calendar that I still keep!

Anger is a sign worth heeding.  Where I’ve found myself angry, I have fuond things to let go of, things to heal and adjustments to make in the people and places that are a big part of my heart and life.

It’s really fun to get deeply organized. Really, it can be so much fun, and liberating, and life-giving.  I spend so much less time wondering where things are, running out of essentials, even accidentally skipping meals… because my organization has caught up with the size of my life.  If you’re busy, organize more and you may find you’ll have more time for self-loving, awesomely-fun living!!!

Cleaning with vinegar can clear the dark vibes from a space.  (really!) I’m almost fully moved over to vinegar + water (and some essential oils or baking soda at times) to clean at home.  It’s not just a great cleaner.  It’s historically a way to send bad vibes stuck in stuff off to the earth to be transformed back to love.  Really, I feel it deeply!

There’s more on this- and an enormous toolbox of space clearing- in the first video of the Love Camp introductory series which feels this year like my birthday present to you (!) so sign on HERE to get started with the video series for sweeping out everything in your life that does not look or feel like love!!!

This is what moves me, thrills me and always surprises me–  how much there is to learn, uncover, share, discover and do!!!

Thank you for once or many times reading the blog that’s a piece of my life that is so exciting to share every day.   I am so grateful for you, I can’t begin to tell you just how grateful I am!

xoxo Dana


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