5 Fresh Ways To Find Powerful Inspiration In A Day!

Sep 14, 2017 | Creativity



We wouldn’t expect a plant to live without light, food, water… but, in fact, plants need even more things to grow like high vibrations, attention and appreciation! And, in our own days, giving ourselves enough light, food and water can sometimes be a challenge…not to mention giving ourselves enough attention and appreciation and super-high vibe environments!

We all need that spark to keep things from feeling robotic.  We all need deep rejuvenation to keep growing.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about finding the kind of inspiration that helps us keep on growing!

You come first… in ways that matter most, the things that lift you higher.  Right now, I’m furiously typing this inspiration so I can sit myself down to do my morning Buddhist practice.  If it’s not done early, if it’s not something first in the day, my days spiral into less than what they can be. It’s a fact on my life. I know what amplifies my energy to greater heights. If I let it lag till later, it is not the same.

Where do you get your highest vibes?  Of course, our morning routines of getting dressed, showering, eating breakfast… all are great… but a high-vibe addition to the morning changes everything. Whatever you’ve done or do occasionally to feel great can be a daily dose of delight to make the energy of the day flow with grace and excitement!

Where can you add more color today?  Can you try a new outfit, use a new pen, have a lunch with rainbow colors in it…? Any way under the sun you can add fresh color today brings in a whole lot of new energy that moves life forward!

How can you use a new idea? We all love learning, right? But learning for the sake of learning means that things will flow in and out of mind. Instead… how can you use a new idea today? I read recently about the power of wild blueberries and now I am eating them. Instantly making it real.  I used to read about so many things and so many concepts and never really tried enacting them. As a result, learning became something extra. It was mental, not experiential. It was just facts rather than actions. Where can you take a new idea and try it out today?!

If life were a game, what move would you make next to win this round? Games are really fun because we think in exceptionally fun ways to make moves that move us forward.  We are engaged in play, rather than seriousness.  I find the greatest inspiration these days by taking myself out of the equation of situations that pop up that need resolution and turning them into a game of strategy or a game of wit! As a side note: playing more games can really light up your life!

Who can you lift higher today?! Yes, who?! Who can you compliment, who can you help, who can you lift higher? The ultimate in inspiration is seeing the echo you can create with your high-vibes, your heartfelt good deeds and your ability to affect others in positive ways!

This is what makes love such a powerful energy.  Love is the energy of creativity and it’s also the ultimate in life-elevation.  It lifts everyone higher.  The more inspired you are, the more love you will feel and the more you’ll be able to positively impact everyone around you!

Wishing you days of living in sync with all that lights up your life!

xoxo !!!


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