7 Signs Of Energetic Drain On Your Life & How To Stop It In Its Tracks!

Sep 18, 2017 | Prosperity

A friend told me a day ago that she thought her friend was cursed. Actually, her friend told her that she felt she was cursed. I was asked what to do.

It was an interesting question.

I don’t believe in curses. At least not ones that we have no control over, even if it isn’t immediately obvious that we do have control.

I do believe in energetic drains, and vampire energies that pull at us… and there are signs that it’s happening. It’s also very easy to stop it in it’s tracks.

I told my friend to pass along a message to her friend to stop dwelling on the bad and enjoy life more to start. I know it’s simplistic, but what we focus on will grow. There are always more ways to clear space, but the easiest ones can be the most disarmingly awesome.

Let’s focus on the love, shall we?!

If you’ve been feeling a little off, or out of the flow of love and magic, maybe a bit fearful for no reason or somehow feel like the energy needs to shift, today’s feng shui is all about spotting the signs of energy drainers and sending them love while you send ’em away to gather back their own power!

Here are some interesting signs that energy may be tied to some sort of draining forces in our lives… and, of course, how to end that cycle!

You can’t seem to get a hold on the day, or the present moment. When I left a boyfriend who was secretly an addict, I felt him obsessively thinking about me to the point that I was distracted. I’ve had this happen in other upset moments, but this one was so profound because it persisted for months, despite burning all the sage and salt in the world. It’s theorized that we create cords of energy connect between one another. We may intellectually say we want to cut those cords, but on some level we may not want to cut them. If you feel another person lingering on your mind to the point of distraction in an unpleasant way, see if you can let them go.

You feel paranoid and have no idea why. I’ve noticed that when I’m depleted it’s easier for all sorts of energy stuff (like vampire people!) to seep into my life for a moment. If I’m feeling nervous, I often take some breaths and see if I can sense where the angst is coming from, as it’s not from me! Once I know, I can let it go.

Sleep so much and always feel exhausted?  There are physical reasons- plenty of them- why this can be happening, but I always like to go deeper and see if there are any reasons lingering in life. I don’t believe anyone can attach cords to us and drain us without our permission. In some way we allow it, or we’ve been so depleted that our glowing electricity has faded a bit.  Try a big decision to set yourself free from whatever is happening, then soaking in a week’s worth of salt baths, drinking tons of water, eating and sleeping a lot. I find that almost instantly, when I make the decision to be freed up of the drain, I am restored!

Emotionally on a rollercoaster? Recently, after moving, I was wiped out for a week in such a profound way and felt so deeply sad that it made no sense! My home was epic, my life was great, I was blessed, it was a fresh start! This persisted until a run-in with the owner of my old building revealed that she secretly planned to keep a nearly 5-figure deposit. I felt the diabolical nature and it was making me crazy. We do feel people’s thoughts. This is science. If you feel “irrationally” upset, you may want to investigate deeper and see if there’s very rational reasons why you are upset. Then, take rational action. &The minute I set this dynamic straight by taking practical action to get the matter resolved, I was all smiles!

People start mentioning a person or event that was a huge upset. Is that upset still lingering? Is there more healing to do?! I notice when a subject or a person of the past comes up in conversation a few times (or pops up a few times) in a short span of time that I am still unresolved on the issue and it’s a big sign that it’s been capturing my attention subconsciously. If your bandwidth is being occupied by problems of the past it can take the sparkle away from today… so, it’s time to resolve all that stuff! 

Nightmares. This is how my dreams speak to me. I think for many of us this happens. While its so rare to have a nightmare these days, if I have one, I now spring into awareness and start boosting the energy of my home my life!!! If something is particular dramatic, I start deep space clearing of my bedroom as an added boost to my days!

There’s never enough time in the day. When I’ve found myself in the past continually trying to catch up with myself, I knew something was wrong. &Draining people and issues can sort of pull on our energy like, say, trying to carry a boulder up a hill while you hike. The easy hike will take twice as long and feel like a monumental effort. &When my days have been this weighed down, I usually don’t force my way through. Instead, I rest, recharge and decide clearly that whatever it is, it’s not allowed in my day. Strangely, this works.

There are all kinds of dynamics in the world, and the darker side of things, I’ve come to see, is nothing to be feared.  The more I would try to avoid vampire stuff rather than focusing on my own creativity, my own energy and my own causes to make in every day, the more that things would spin downward.

Instead, I came to understand why Buddhist priests would tell me to pray for the happiness of people who were trying to mess with my life. That compassion- as paradoxical as it may sound- creates a whole lot of freedom. It also creates the stage for the best case scenario- a resolution of the problem or a person who gets the message to start healing themselves rather than looking for energy in all the wrong places!

Compassion is freeing.

Space clearing is practical magic.

Decisions make even more space.

And… self-love is a good-vibes-only healer and shield against all these situations.

Love yourself more deeply and decide that a lifestyle of love is the way.  It’s a strange feeling at first, especially if you’ve been scared or angry or spun in circles, but it’s strange in a great way.

Love is always the answer.

Wishing you days free and clear of anything that’s been weighing you down!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Shawn


    Thank you for this article. I’ve been paralyzed by a few vampires recently and could not understand what was happening. I get it now. Your words have given me the power to change this situation. Motivated and excited!! May the light of 10,000 Buddhas continue to shine down upon you empowering you with the gift of compassion and cultivating your creative energy so you may share your gifts with us.

    • danaclaudat

      I’m so excited that you were able to put into words what you were feeling— yay!!! And better still— you know what to do next! It’s so awesome- you know always how to stop the drains, it’s sometimes seeing them that’s the hard part — for me too. Easier when you’re not in it — and so happy you’re out of that situation!!!


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