One Big Feng Shui Way To Manifest Far More Instantly!

Sep 19, 2017 | Creativity

Ok, it’s really not secret. It’s just something that maybe we don’t all think about, especially when the pressure is on and you need to make things happen!

Today I feng shui transformed a room with my friend Carley for a new TV show.  It took about 5 minutes to go from before to after. (minus the hours of filming!)   The difference was instant. And I’m so psyched by how lovely it looks!

(I plopped the before pic after the jump)

That’s how manifestation works at it’s best.

Today we’re going to talk about manifestation… but, the kind that’s not magic but yet so magical that it always yields instant results. 

Here’s the “before” pic. Still a very nice space… but it needed a spark.

It needed connection.

So we gathered up some favorite things and fashioned a space that was so alive with presence and intention.  What you can’t see is the layers of scent, space clearing and all the vibes flowing in the “after” pics.  But, it’s all there!

Today we’re taking about instant manifestation.

Minus the wishing for luck.

Either you’re wishing for luck or you’re making luck.

We’re talking about making luck today, and every day.

It only took me many hours of practice over a decade to get to five minutes of completely-well-thought out transformation using feng shui, explaining it concisely and not questioning myself.

Practicing what you love and what you do is one of the ways to manifest more greatness.

Every time you practice, you connect more deeply.

Easy, right?

You can have success at the very start, for sure, but the more you practice, the higher the bar flies and the more instant the manifestations.

But… it’s not just wishing.

That was a cold hard lesson (!) from the days when I first learned about “manifestation” two decades ago and wished and wished… and then found the most powerful spiritual practice and wished and wished…

You may recognize this scenario: I focused only on feeling great.  I wished and wished.  I lived with incredible integrity.  And wished some more.

Sounds good right?


In all the wanting for good luck and the invoking it all through the day…

...everything became a tense, scary, fickle situation and I started to believe that there were all sorts of things mysteriously wrong with me. Very little went “right” and when it did, I felt like luck had smiled down on me.  When something happened that I really wanted, though, I was so caught up in the idea of universal fortune that I didn’t enjoy it that much since, well, the tides could turn any moment.

The farther I got down this path, the further I got from connection to my days.  I trusted people less.  I didn’t trust myself much at all… but… I kept on wishing more intensely than anything else.

Once you barrel down a path it can be hard to turn a corner or correct the course, you know?!

Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t that I wished for things and sprawled on a beach waiting for them (though I did that, too!), I did actually do work.  But, I never quite worked past what was required from me to get by… because, after all, it wasn’t my wish.

When you wake up one day sick, in deep debt and all the other “rock-bottom” attributes I hit (nearly all my hair fell out, my job was gone, my family was not doing well…) after wishing so hard for all sorts of magic, it’s pretty humbling.

This is not a sad story day, though.  All this horrible stuff was necessary to wake me up and test my faith.  Faith in myself, in creativity and… in creating a brand new paradigm.

You can either be the cause and creator of your days, or the effect of them, taking whatever you can get and hoping for something good.

Today, we’re talking about being the cause & creator of days.

In this new paradigm, it’s all about action.  The wishing and joy and energy is all spectacular… but… it’s about deeply connected action now.

Deep connection.

Oh how I love the comfy inspired five minute makeover today.  I knew it worked when I found myself wishing to stay there and work!

If you want to get a sense of how deeply connected you are right now, tell me what your keyboard feels like.  What kind of music is on? What color is the floor? How do you feel in your body? What are you thinking about? How crisp are the visions in your mind? Are you feeling strong right now?

This is how deep connection works in feng shui.  YOU + YOUR ENVIRONMENT.  The more present you feel in your space, the more deeply connected you will be.

It’s not abstract.

It’s not far away, conceptual or elusive.

It works to move you from “wishing for luck” to making things happen every day. 

It turns “looking for love” into “living in love.”

When you connect, you create in ways that have a profound impact.

Tune into your senses.

Start moving.

Feel how you feel. 

You don’t wonder or guess or hope- you feel everything and you can navigate from that place of feeling.

Practice showing up to work on anything that matters to you… and moving the bar higher every day.  Practice choosing love when it’s tempting to just be angry, upset or in fear.  Practice making your space more functional and flowing so that you can connect more in your office, at home and anywhere you go.

It’s all presence, practice and creativity.

It’s available to us all, right now!

Deeply connect and watch how many genius abilities spring to life as you build momentum…!

It may be practical, but the results are total magic.

xoxo Dana

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