Is Your Home Attracting What You Want?!

Sep 20, 2017 | Prosperity


This is the zillion dollar question.

Is your home attracting what you want?

How will you know?

If you have everything you want now and you feel great about what’s coming in the future, the answer is yes! And that’s awesome.

If you don’t have everything you want and you feel stuck, frustrated or sort of hoping for things to work… well, your home may be holding some valuable keys to unlocking what you are looking for!

It’s not like your home is a deity or a genie who can say yes or no to your wishes… but your home is a powerful mirror. It’s a way to see what’s really happening when you aren’t suer what’s happening. It’s a way to reveal the mysteries of the subconscious that we can’t see and start changing what patterns are revealed that are keeping the great things at arms length, or further.

Today, let’s look at the ways that your home can help you start allowing in what you want!!!


I am always asked how I know Feng Shui works, and I can honestly say I didn’t believe it did work, until I worked with it for a good long time and saw fairly consistent results when I learned to use it in ways that were personal and far more powerful than rules alone. A famous numerologist even told me 9 years ago that I wouldn’t feel confident in professionally using Feng Shui until I knew for sure that it was something that had an effect, and when I knew it, it would all make sense.

While I’m not much for listening to fortunes being told, that rang true. I am not a fan of anyone who does things that are, at best, a placebo effect. Growing up without money, the idea of someone spending money- even if they had it to spend, on something that was not going to bring about change was not in the cards for me.

When I saw how much people shifted as their homes shifted, I was encouraged. When I saw careers open up, love arrive and major changes happen in people who intentionally created their environments, I was enchanted.

Thousands of clients later, yes it does work. It doesn’t work because of magic though. It works because you’re engaged in the process and intentionally connecting to life, shaping it in your home and in your energy and in your days.

So, if you’re not seeing what you want in your life right now, let’s look at what you see in your home…

Clarity. This is a big one. If you don’t have a sense of clarity in your environment, you can feel blurry, hazy and stuck. Clutter is the ultimate manifestation of a lack of clarity. Confusing layouts or a feeling of confusion walking through a space or living in your home can be another sign that clarity can be freeing.

Purpose.  Without a direction to point in, how will you get somewhere you need to go? Would you head out on a trip with no sense of directions? Homes also need this kind of legibility. Remember, they mirror what’s happening with you. If you’re, say, hoping for big change but living in a sort of “let’s see what happens” way, that lack of chosen focus shows up in homes in so many ways.

Art everywhere without curation, nicknacks that pile up, loaded countertops, a feeling of laziness when you are in a room or your whole home… waking up without a sense of excitement or hitting snooze a bunch of times when you’ve had enough sleep.

Purpose can light up your life in every way, and when you hook into that purpose, you’ll be less apt to want to live in a space without clear intention because that intention helps keep you moving forward.


Welcome.If you’re the greatest genius creative in the whole world and no one can find you, how will your gifts enter the world? Symbolically, our homes reflect how open we are to being seen, being found, and sharing our lives with others. If you’ve struggled to find love or to find healthy love, a home that is not welcoming is a big sign that you’re perhaps building walls rather than opening up to the new. Can you perk up your entranceway and see how that feels, for starters?


Comfort. When we are supported, we feel the power of life under us.  When we are relaxed, we can receive more of what we want. Creating more comfort is so personal, and we all know what IS comfortable. Ask yourself: “How comfortable do I feel at home?” and from there, see where things can shift.

Connection. This is a big reveal of just how much you’ve been creating life and how much you may, unconsciously, we keeping things at arms length, including your dreams and big opportunities. Connection to nature, connection to what we love, connection to our heritage… connection is vital to feel empowered. How much do you feel at home in your home? That’s a great place to start!

(wishing trees)

Excitement. If there’s not enough flow at home, you can feel a sort of stasis. Things don’t move. They don’t have traction. They don’t flow. Excitement is a quality of super-high energy, so if you have negativity lingering, it’s time to clear it out in every way possible so the flow can open up.

Growth. If you’re committed to growth, you are committed to love, expansion and all the energies that will move you forward, and chances are you are also open to all the clearing and unwinding and healing that growth can sometimes entail. It doesn’t have to be a painful process. In fact, when you’re growing, every step can be expansive. If you don’t see growth in your home- and if you don’t have the actual room to grow- now is a good time to start adding those messages to your environment and maybe committing to more growth in every day.

So, are you seeing what you want in your home?!

If you’re ready to make a change and bring in so much more of what you want, changing that mirror reflection, get to shifting your space to feel more of that mirror reflection in an empowering way…!

xoxo Dana

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